Ace Combat 7 has a free PS4 theme in play


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Do not you love the premieres of Fridays? It is so liberating to be able to stay up late with a new game knowing that you can continue where you left off the next day (and recover the lost dream again). As a critic, I prefer Tuesday's releases, which usually offer a less stressful schedule with the way the coverage embargoes are aligned, but as a player, I appreciate the comfortable debut of Friday's game.

For many of you, today is Ace Combat 7 day, and a lot of time has come to come. I am very curious to enter the PlayStation VR mode that is often promoted, but I am also worried that I will burn it too fast. It sounds like it's a really convincing virtual reality experience, even if it ends after just one session. There is also talk of a suspiciously flat dog. Knowing that sweet puppy is my next priority.

If you are in a high-flying mood, you may want to capture this Ace Combat 7 Dynamic theme for PS4, which is similar but is not the same as that given to the people who pre-ordered the game. This particular dynamic theme (in the image below) has soft background music and, best of all, it's free.

Regarding Destructoid & # 39; s Ace Combat 7 Review, Josh is applying the final touches. Stay calm!

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