According to this fund manager, stock prices are unavoidable here

In a week in which the S&P 500 set a record among epidemics, it is worth considering at least 495 or so components.
Michael Batnick, director of research at Ritholtz Wealth Management, reported 94% of the S&P 500 SPX,
+ 0.31%
Ghatak is trading below its 52-week high, although the average profit is 63% above its 52-week low. This chart actually shows how the recovery is skewed towards large companies.

Christopher Pawe, chief investment officer at North Carolina boutique investment firm Broyhill Asset Management, posted a similar chart comparing the MSCI All-Country US-Index to the S&P 500, driven by technology giants themselves.

Cheese outlines all the uncertainties – including the second, or third wave of coronovirus, how many businesses will be there and whether record incentives will cause heavy inflation or whether the crisis will result. “What we do know is that we have never seen stock prices at such extremes with uncertainty. We also know that managing money in the real world by living in a fictional world of course Can cause major problems, ”he says in an investment paper.

Powes says that in a decade there are the best opportunities in distressed investment, as he calls the current market uncertain.
“If markets are trading at half of today’s levels in a year or two, then it would seem fairly obvious to everyone, that today’s stock prices and extreme differences were completely volatile,” he writes . Through next year’s V-shaped rebound in profits, Consensus is eager to see today’s earnings. But we are going a long way in any way similar to the normal, as profit margins are likely to remain depressed for years due to lack of revenue and incremental costs. As a result, today’s stock prices, still close to all-time highs, have lower margins of safety and even lower to cheer. ”
The buzz
Former Vice President Joe Biden officially accepted the Democratic presidential nomination, saying the US would call the “season of darkness” under the leadership of its rival, President Donald Trump.
Pfizer PFE,
+ 1.20%
And biotech BNTX,
+ 1.02%
Their major coronovirus vaccine candidate triggered a strong immune response and they may seek regulatory review in early October. If approved, they currently plan to supply 100 million doses worldwide by 2020, and approximately 1.3 billion doses by the end of 2021. Johnson & Johnson JNJ,
+ 0.68%
Meanwhile, 60,000 individuals are preparing late-stage trials of their COVID-19 vaccine.
Deere & Company Day,
Prepaid trade accelerated after agricultural equipment manufacturers reported better results than forecasts.
Tesla TSLA,
+ 6.56%
The primate continued to push higher, with the electric vehicle manufacturer trading at $ 2,035 in trade.
Existing home sales data may show an uptick in July, and Flash US Manufacturing and Services data are also the reason. The IHS Market Flash Eurozone Composite Purchasing Managers Index slipped to a two-month low of 51.6 in August from 54.9 in July, as Britain said the government had given the top loan of £ 2 trillion for the first time.
US stock futures ES00,
Traded weak.
The weak PMI retreated after the reading. Gold futures GC00,

Libram Capital Markets produced this chart showing stock-market returns in the US, adjusted for inflation, better under Democratic presidents. The broker also examined the best performing UK and European stocks under various administrations. Under Republicans, the UK’s beneficiaries are pharmaceuticals – specifically GlaxoSmithKline GSK,
– Defense contractors, and food and tobacco, and European stocks that do well in health care and utilities. Under the Democrats, media companies and real estate investment trusts in the UK, and automotive and media stocks in Europe, are the beneficiaries.
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