According to this analyst Apple stock will climb from $ 24% to $ 140

Shares of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Will soon recover from his post-Partition decline and go back to new all-time highs.

So says sleep analyst Laura Martin. On Wednesday, Martin reiterated its buy rating on Apple’s stock and raised its price forecast from $ 112.50 to $ 140. His new target represents a potential profit for investors of about 24% at the current price of the stock near $ 113.

One analyst says Apple’s shares are poised for a rebound. Image Source: Getty Image

Martin praised Apple’s move to bundle its services. On Tuesday, the company unveiled Apple One, which will allow customers to bundle one of its six services into a low-value subscription. Martin believes the bundle will help Apple take part from its stand-alone competitors.

She also sees Apple’s custom-designed chips as another major competitive advantage. She predicts that the gap between Apple and its rivals will widen with every new device, increasing its ability to command higher prices (and by extension, profits) over time.

Will Apple’s share price be $ 140?

Martin’s argument is sound. Apple’s custom chips should help differentiate its products from the pack, and its new bundle should attract more people into its rapidly expanding services ecosystem. Apple’s revenue and profits may rise sharply, just as its share price is higher. Thus, looking at a $ 140 decline in its shares in the coming year is not only possible, but likely, and it may happen faster than many investors currently expect.

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