According to the report, ‘asking price during trade talks seems inappropriate’

Stop me if you’ve heard before: Bengals are hesitant to be sellers by the trade deadline.

At least that is what Jonathan Jones of is hearing.

According to Jones’ source, a single NFC executive, the Bengals have discussed with other teams about potential trades, but are apparently not getting any takers because of what they want in exchange for their players. .

“I hear a lot of rubbish, but asking prices is unfair,” an NFC official quoted Jones as saying.

It fits the narrative well in Cincinnati. At this time last year, the Bengals were winless and could easily remove experienced players before the trade deadline. Instead, he made zero deals before finishing with the NFL’s worst record. The franchise has consistently held a high value for its players, and this has hampered their chances of making lucrative business offers in the past.

Potential business candidates are Carlos Dunlap, AJ Green and John Ross III. Dunlop has expressed apparent disappointment with the coaching staff narrowing down his role in defense, and while rumors with Green are more speculative, as he showed him the mouth of the words “trade me”, Ross did indeed Have contacted Bengals about a business.

Geno Atkins could logically be a valuable trade piece as his playing time has drastically reduced, but Jones is reporting that the team has no plans to overcome him and his lack of snacks will hurt his shoulder. Belongs to whom he is still recovering.

A league source told me that Atkins’ limited role is entirely due to his shoulder health. The Bengals do not want to put him in clearly moving roles, and there is no indication that he will be away soon.

Logically, Dunlop trading makes sense from the Bengals point of view. One issue that could have run into the team was convincing the other team to give a $ 13.5 million salary hit for 2021. A general manager told Jones that teams would not be willing to take large contracts in trades due to a potentially low salary cap in the coming year.

GM told Jones, “Furthermore, there is also uncertainty about what the cap will be next year, with most teams reluctant to trade for a large cap number next year.”

Perhaps the Bengals make a deal before the November 3 deadline. But history and the current state of the league tell us that it should not be wager.

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