According to the report, 513,415 children in the US have tested positive for the epidemic.

Tuesday’s new data shows that more than 500,000 children have tested Positive for coronavirus According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the epidemic began. He said that children represented 9.8% of all COVID-19 cases in the US, with more than 6.3 million total cases reported per tally by Johns Hopkins University.

The AAP reported that there were 70,630 new child cases, an increase of 16% in the two weeks between 20 August and 3 September, bringing the national total to 513,415. Puerto Rico was one of six states and territories that saw an increase in child cases.

The AAP and Children’s Hospital Association compiled data on children of different ages as stated by 49 state health departments, New York City, Puerto Rico and Guam. The AAP stated that Texas was excluded from the analysis.

Children-corona-percentage-increase September-2020-aap.jpg
Data from the American Academy of Pediatrics shows the percentage increase in child cases of COVID-19 between August 20 and September 3, 2020. This data was obtained from 49 states, New York City, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Texas was excluded from the count.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Coronovirus deaths

The report states that the cumulative death toll in the US for children due to coronavirus is 103. In a subset of data analyzed from 42 states and New York City, children were 0–0.3% of all COVID-19 deaths, and 18 states reported zero child deaths.

“At this time, it appears that severe illness due to COVID-19 is rare in children,” AAP said. But health experts have said that children COVID-19 can be stretched.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control has released new data about a fatal and Mysterious pediatrics With a possible link to coronavirus. Since the middle of May, the CDC outbreak Multisystem inflammatory disease in children (MIS-C) or sometimes known as PMIS.

CDC describes it as “a rare but serious condition associated with COVID-19” that sometimes presents after COVID disease or after someone’s contact with COVID-19. Rather than invading the lungs like the new coronovirus disease in adults, this syndrome, while seemingly very rare, can trigger severe, even cardiac complications in children.

According to the CDC, as of September 3, the CDC has confirmed 792 cases in 42 states, New York City and Washington, DC among other cases, and has collected reports of cases of MIS-C and 16 deaths.

Data from the CDC shows that “most cases occur in children aged 1 to 14 years, with an average age of 8 years.” They also note that “more than 70% of reported cases have occurred in children who are Hispanic / Latino (276 cases) or non-Hispanic blacks (230 cases).”

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Some students return to individual classes

Was released as an AAP report Thousands of children returned to school This week for individual classes. On Long Island, parents seemed nervous and excited as they left their children.

Students lined up in Richardson, Texas to check the temperature before entering the building. The Forrester Elementary in San Antonio is usually packed with 850 children; But this morning, only 53 were selected for the in-person classes.

“I think they just balance a little bit, maybe with rooms that look a little different, everyone is wearing masks,” Principal Kelly Mantle told CBS News. “I think it’s going to be a new norm for a while and kids are going to get used to it and we’re going to get used to it every day.”

New data from the AAP has worried some teachers, such as in suburban Phoenix, where the first day of in-class classes were canceled after teachers became ill.

In New York, new cases are up more than 25% compared to two weeks ago. And with the preparation of individual classes in New York City schools over the coming weeks, Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to allay parents’ fears.

“We are going to have a COVID report card for every school in the state,” he said.

Omar Villafrenka contributed to this report.