According to professionals, where is your money placed as the wire of the election

Trump and Biden supporters


With several major swings in the US presidential race still close to call, Wall Street analysts are supportive of periods of market volatility.

In the battlefield, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina were still counting ballots as of around 6 a.m. ET, with both President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden keeping possible avenues for victory.

Ballot counting requires verification of ballots, monitoring of counting efforts and certification by state commissioners, delays can be lengthy and individual state results can only be certified when court decisions are final.

“There could be a number of unforeseen consequences for the markets in the coming weeks,” said David Bailin, Chief Investment Officer of Citi Private Bank. “Accordingly, volatility is likely to remain high.”

Nevertheless, Wall Street analysts shared their ideas for investing amid uncertainty.


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