According to NASA, six asteroids passing close to Earth tomorrow

The 2020 US presidential election was really a wild ride, huh? Okay, because it’s not over yet.

Artist impression of double asteroid Antope. The image is credited to ESO via Wikipedia.

NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies reports that six pieces of space rock will pass through our planet tomorrow, January 20, when the US celebrates Inauguration Day – the day when the new presidential election is vested with the powers of his office is.

The agency says everything should be fine and these meteorites will zip past harmlessly. Nevertheless, after 2020 and in the history of this election, we can all be put into despair and despair over the suspicion that they cannot. We have earned it.

Friends at high places

Inauguration Day marks the transition of power from one administration to another – this year, that means from the Trump administration to the Biden team. It also marked the occasion on which the four meteorites would make a close fly-by of Earth, hopefully missing us completely.

According to NASA estimates, the closest (asteroid 2021 BK1) will fly at the same distance from Earth as the Moon’s orbits. So they must be very harmless. The largest width of them is about 93 meters, which is the height of the Statue of Liberty.

All in all, we must be cured and well remembered by space rocks. Nevertheless, this is enough to be considered a “close approach” by NASA, and the agency will keep a close eye on asteroids and their trekking. So let’s hope for an uneven opening day.

More information about these asteroids here (all six asteroids listed for 2021-January-20 in the table).

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