According to lawyers, Kyle Rittenhouse will be ‘overcrowded’ when extradited from Wisconsin

He was arrested in his home state of Illinois, where he is in custody.

Rattenhouse appeared on a brief virtual hearing on Friday, wearing a blue face mask from Lake County, Illinois. Prior to the hearing, his lawyers filed a petition for habeas corpus, stating that “he would have to turn into a mob to extradite Rittenhouse.”

People have threatened that the teenager “has encouraged fellow inmates to kill Rittenhouse and offered a reward,” attorneys John Pearce and Michael Baker wrote in the petition.

During Friday’s hearing, Pierce called the case “a very unique, extraordinary situation” and noted that “there is a vast amount of video evidence indicating that it is beyond the shadow of doubt, that it is not a valid criminal prosecution” . ”

The Kenosha shooting suspect called a friend to say he had killed someone, & # 39;  Police say, and then shot two others

An extradition hearing for Rittenhouse has been scheduled for October 30.

Lake County State’s attorney Mike Nerheim told reporters after Friday’s hearing that his office’s position is that Renhouse should be tried in Kenosha and he does not think there will be any high risk of his extradition.

“I don’t know that he is in any more or less danger,” said Nerheim.

“There are really only four grounds within which you can challenge extradition. One is, is the paperwork enough on its face? The second one, is he charged with a crime? Is the person charged with that crime And is he a fugitive ?, This is a very limited scope. The review here is very limited… really the main issues will be dealt with in Kenosha, “said Insomnia.

Rittenhouse’s lawyers previously said he was acting in self-defense when he fired.

Anthony M. deliberate on them. Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum are charged with killing and wounding Gaig Grosskreutz. Videos on social media show that a teenager with a long gun manhandled people near a car dealership and opened fire that night, a criminal said.

Rittenhouse was able to leave the shooting scene still armed as he walked towards the officers with his bare hands, Kenosha Police Chief Daniel Miskin has said. He was arrested 30 miles away in Antioch, Illinois.