According to Chinese reports Apple has sent the folding iPhones to Foxconn for testing.

Apple has begun sending foldable iPhones to assembly partner Foxconn for the purpose of testing, which claims a new Chinese report today, with an estimated estimate for September 2022.

Citing supply chain sources, Economic Daily News The test is said to include an evaluation of the use of OLED or micro-LED display technology, as the choice of any screen will affect subsequent assembly methods.

Foxconn is also said to have evaluated the bearings (folding components) of the equipment with over 100,000 opening and closing tests. The report states that they have to be opened and closed 20,000 to 30,000 times for similar tests for regular laptops.

The report does not provide any additional information on the design of the foldable device, but note that Samsung will provide the panel for the screen, potentially confirming rumors that Apple has ordered foldable display samples from the Korean company.

According to leaker John Prosser, Apple is working on a foldable iPhone prototype, with two separate display panels that are connected to a hinge instead of a single display such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The processor says the foldable iPhone is rounded, with stainless steel edges and no knots similar to the iPhone 11, but a “small forehead” on the external display for Face ID.

Rumors about Apple working on a foldable iiPhone date back to 2016, and it has several foldable phone Apple patents, one of which describes a device with two different displays with a hinge Can be brought together to form a single bendable device. Whether or not such devices will come on the market can be said.


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