According to a Warren Buffett disciple, where to put your money before traders ‘start rotating, not stamping’

Earlier this year, Berkshire Hathaway threw its heavyweight name behind Barrick’s Gold,
+ 0.31%
With an investment that flew due to Warren Buffett’s longtime inclination towards gold. A strategist at the time said that “the earth was shaking in the gold market”.

Now Cricut Capital’s Chief Investment Officer Kevin Smith says that after incorporating gold into GC00, other
+ 0.24%
And when the bull market changes, it would be very beneficial to take advantage of some of those high-beneficiaries. Smith, who earlier this year spoke to Berkshire shareholders about learning a BRKA ropes.
+ 1.06%
His father had given him the letter long ago, the chart was used to show how investors could be at a turning point.

Originally, stocks are trading at record high prices, while the commodity, on the flip side, has never been so undervalued. “The setup is for a macro axis in performance relative to these two asset classes,” Smith wrote in a note to clients. “Comparative conditions existed with the 1972 Nifty Fifty and the 2000 Dotcom bubble.”

He points out that investors soon want to move their money towards the highest growth and lowest valuation opportunities, and will result in a big step away from the top-heavy stocks that are taking this bull market into record territory.

“Analytical Minded Investors will soon be rotating, if not stamping, out of expensive deflation-era growth equities and fixed income securities, and into cheap hard assets, causing a 30-year money velocity decline,” Smith said Wrote Some popular ways to predict rotation Smith will be to go long-term Newmont Corp. NEM,
+ 1.17%
And doubles in ETFs like Barrick Gold, or GDX GDX,
+ 0.31%
+ 0.13%.
Then, an even greater opportunity, he says, lies in choosing the winners in favor of exploration.

Smith wrote, “To be frank, buying gold or silver is not an investment situation today.” “There are enough people in agreement with the idea that all government-aided currency currencies are doomed to some degree of devaluation through inflation due to the level of financial and monetary imbalances and imbalanced debt imbalances in the financial system.”

There is no sign of that rotation yet with futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average YM00,
+ 0.22%,
Nasdaq NQ00,
+ 0.41%
And S&P ES00,
All bowed before Monday’s session.


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