Abrams begs Georgia voters for last day: ‘I’m counting on you’

Former Democratic Jubaretorial candidate Stacey Abrams urged Georgian people to approach the polls on Tuesday, prompting a final push to exclude voters in support of the state’s two Democratic Senate candidates.

Abrams called on Georgia voters to support Democrats John Osoff and the Rev. Rafael Warnock in Tuesday’s runoff, writing in a tweet, “I am counting on you.”

“Come on, okay!” She wrote in the caption for a video urging voters to opt out.


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The Georgia race will determine which party controls the Senate, requiring Republicans to hold at least one race to maintain their majority in the upper chamber.

Abram has been a vocal supporter of Ossoff and Warnock in the months that followed until the runoff election.


On Monday night, Abrams said during an appearance on “The Late Show With” Stephen Colbert “That He is confident that the Democratic candidate will win.

“I think we’re ready to meet it,” he said, noting record turnout between minorities and young people. “I put my money in blue.”

Polls in Georgia close to 7pm Tuesday


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