ABP. Vigan V on the COVID Vaccine

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Vatican Whistleblower Abp. Carlo Maria Vigno, a former People’s Ningo in the United States, has warned of the encroachment of globalist schemes that jeopardize the sovereignty of nations and the ability of citizens to preserve religious freedom. His open letter to President Trump in May warned that the COVID-19 pandemic was being used in the “world government”, causing a permanent loss of personal freedom. He launched a website asking people of goodwill to be saved from tyranny; The “Appeal to the Church and the World” included signatures from 40,000 Catholic prelaters, journalists, writers, immunologists, virologists, researchers, lawyers, and others. In June, he wrote another open letter asking the president to encourage his fight against the “intensive state”. On October 25, The Solemity of Christ the King (Extraordinary Form), ABP. Wigan V gave Trump a third letter, in which he said “great reset,” in the fight against an impending “health dictatorship”. What is his response to the Vatican’s stated support for COVID vaccination worldwide.

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Thoughts on promotion of vaccine by Holy See

A few days ago, an interview aired on Canley 5 in which George Mario Bergoglio appeared in the unusual role of sponsor of pharmaceutical companies. We had already seen him in the role of a trade unionist politician, a promoter of undocumented immigration, who was an advocate of welcoming illegal immigrants and philanthropists. Of all these metamorphoses, one that has always emerged, with the ability to completely distance itself from its institutional role, is the multi-character character of Argentina, who we now discover is also a propagandist of pharmaceutical companies, one of the vaccines. The supporters and those who have been eager envy for a year are now using COVID to control the public and impose the great reset desired by the World Economic Forum.

The image
A woman suffers debilitating side effects
Shared his story with the Modern Vaccine

The fact that the vaccine does not guarantee efficacy can cause serious side effects; The fact that in some cases its production began with cells taken from fetal embryos, and is therefore absolutely irreplaceable with Catholic ethics; The fact that treatment with hyper-immune plasma or with alternative protocols is being boycotted despite evidence of their efficacy – all this amounts to little for the new “expert” who, based on absolutely zero medical qualifications, is now The vaccine is recommending for the faithful using their sovereign authority to require citizens to submit to questionable treatment in the name of unspecified “moral duty”. The Blake Paul VI Audience Hall has been symbolically chosen as the temple in which to commemorate this new sanitary rite, COVID was assured by ministers of religion, to ensure that not the salvation of souls, but health. Is a misleading promise for. Body.

It is incomprehensible that, after unethically demolishing any small number of Catholic truths in the name of dialogue with heretics and idolaters, a dogma that Bergoglio is unwilling to abandon – is compulsory vaccination – by mind, A dogma he unilaterally defined. Without any synonym process! – A dogma beyond which one hopes, at least, to make sense, if not fixed by moral coherence, at least from utilitarian inquiry. Because sooner or later, when the effect of the vaccine is seen on the population, when they start counting the deaths caused by it and how many people have been used for life by a drug that is still in the process of experimentation Is, someone will be able to ask those who were supporters of the vaccine to submit an account.

When you stop believing in God, you can believe anything.

At that point, it would be natural to draw up a list of only those who have rights, with whom they are identified, to have convinced their untrained subjects to submit themselves to vaccination by the so-called vaccine: self- With declared expert virologists and immunologists in conflict of interest, Big Pharma’s paid mosquito scientist, veterinarians with scientific ambition, government-funded journalists and opinion-shapers, and movie stars and popular singers in disarray – which list now Bergoglio should be added is an extraordinary supporter, included in his entourage. And if their lack of specific qualifications today does not seem to be enough argument to maintain them at least a prudent silence, then their opposition to “I don’t know …” at that point; “I never imagined …”; “This was not my area of ​​knowledge …”; Only one factor will be considered that increases its crime, as it should be. Stooltam east disser putbum [It is foolish to say, “I thought”].

The image
Humiliated Professor Neil Ferguson
Recruitment COVID related lockdowns were
Is based on a model of communist control

Of course, in the Bergoglian Church Actually Can be validated by association Amoris Latitia, To the extent that Avenaire today calls “LGBT parenting” a gender propaganda handbook; An idolatry worshiping the Earth Mother can be observed in the sinking of St. Peter on Malthusian environmentalism; The case of sacrament of holy orders can be modified by modifying ministries on women; The death penalty can be declared immoral by keeping silent about abortion; Public sinners may be administered the commune, while those who desire to receive it on the tongue do not believe it; And admission to class can be denied for Catholic school students who have not been vaccinated, as has already happened in Ireland. And yet this apparent adulteration of Catholic doctrine – in ideal ideological continuity with the proximal revolution – is accompanied by a firm and unchanging profession of faith in a “science” that borders on occultism and superstition. On the other hand, when you stop believing in God, you can believe anything.

Thus, if the Bergoglio related to a Church of Christ through baptism is ultimately redundant for the eternal salvation of a soul, the initiation rites of the vaccine are announced ex cathedra To be indispensable to the physical health of the person, and as such it is presented as undesirable and necessary. If it is possible to establish separate truths in the name of ecology and interrelated dialogue, then there is no license to question the dogma of COVID, the revelations made by the media about the epidemic, and the liberating rites of the vaccine. And if with Fratelli tutti Universal theism can be promoted in addition to belief in One God Living and True, no contact is allowed with the so-called “denial” – a new class of sinners to be avoided – who are hemmed in by health inquiries and media boycott To be punished as a warning to the herd. “If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not receive it in your home and do not wish him good luck,” St. John warned (2 John 10). Bergoglio must be misunderstood, and so he embraces abortionists and criminals, but does not contaminate himself with “anti-vaxxers”.

It does not spare us that this scientific dogma – which would frighten the most ardent supporters of the primacy of science over religion – is promoted by those who “influence” the Bergoglio, the athletes Biden, not the “experts” Huh. As for politicians – all eager to put their weapons in front of television cameras, only the video shows that in many cases the syringe is still covered by a needle cap, or that the vaccine serum is actually opaque when the vaccine liquid is clear. Ho. These are clearly the objections that the high priests of COVID reject with disdain: the Mysterium is part of the ritual of sacred action, as the sacrament dictates what it represents; Pushing the vaccine with a retractable needle or without a syringe serves to dramatize the message that is to be conveyed to the masses of believers. And the victims of the sacrament, who present themselves with the mirage of an antidote for the well-being of all, who do not even dare to guarantee Pfizer, Modern or AstraZeneca, represent the sacrifice, the new health religion. Is also part. Upon closer inspection, innocent infants born to vaccines in the third month of pregnancy actually appear to be a form of human sacrifice with which to spread inferior powers, in a terrible parody that is not just for the wicked. Can show off.

The only role Bergoglio insists on not stubbornly filling … is the role of the Vicar of Christ.

In the Grotesic Ceremonial delirium, there is also no lack of a sacred seminar note for divine worship, which, with total disregard for the absurd, promises to limit Latin instructions as to how to plant sacred ashes (it is not surprising that Latin is also Latin. Roasted): “Dinde Sacerdos Abstracted Man’s AC Person Aid Protagents Nares at OS Indite [Then the priest washes his hands and puts on the mask to protect his nose and mouth]. “The purification of hands with detergents and the use of a mask is scientifically useless, but symbolically necessary for the transmission of faith expressed by the sacrament. And rightly so we understand how accurate and ancient the process of Aquitaine is Is valid., “Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi, “According to which the way one prays reflects what one believes.

The image
Health “Specialist” Dr. Anthony is a neighbor
Excoriated for conflict of interest in promoting
COVID vaccines discouraging church
The presence

One would object, in a pious attempt by Bergoglio to avoid the total fall of sinfulness, that the opinions expressed by him are precisely the opinions, and therefore the Catholic is under no obligation to present a commentary, which His conscience and natural morality demonstrate being immoral. But the new “Papal Magisterium” is clearly vindicated on Canley 5, just as it was on the plane that LGBT dogma “Who am I to judge?” Was defined, and as it was in a footnote Amoris Latitia That the inaction of marriage in the name of pastoral practice was ruled out. Politicians deleted tweets from self-styled experts in social media, television studios, and preached in interviews: If one day Bergoglio supports an electric scooter at a promotional location, don’t be surprised.

Catholics instinctively shed those sensations, which instinctively tell them what conflicts with faith and morality, have already understood that the role of health care supply salesmen in many parts played by polyhedric barogoglio Is one of The only role he insists on not stubbornly filling – because of his inattentiveness, his innate impatience or even his deliberate choice from the beginning – is the role of the Vicar of Christ. Which, if nothing else, reveals Argentina’s points of reference, the ideology that motivates him, the goals he sets for himself, and the means he intends to use to achieve them keeps.

Carlo Maria Wigan lo, Archbishop
14 January 2021
s. Hilari Episcopy,
Confirmative Ecclesiæ Doctoris

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