About impeachment vote, Biden tweeted, Senate reminds of ‘other urgent business’

After President Trump voted to impeach the House on Wednesday, President-Elect Biden said the chamber held the president “accountable” and the Senate on impeachment, along with “other urgent business” – as well as “constitutional responsibilities.” Told to do.

“Today, in a bipartisan vote, the House voted to hold President Trump accountable and vote,” Biden tweeted hours after voting 232-197 “to incite rebellion.” “Now, the process for the Senate is underway — and I hope they will deal with their constitutional responsibilities on impeachment, while also working on other urgent business of this nation.”

Several supporters pushed for a second Trump impeachment when a crowd of his supporters stormed the Capitol on 6 January, in an unsuccessful attempt to block Biden’s certification of an Electoral College victory.

TRUMP has never been implemented in the House by Capital Riots, as it has already been reported to stop the case

Biden remained mostly silent on whether he supported impeachment. He is set to take office amidst an upsurge in coronovirus cases, a slow rollout of the vaccine and an economy struggling to recover amid the epidemic.

Since Biden assumed the presidency on January 20, and the Senate did not plan to reorganize until the 19th, the impeachment trial would take place during the crucial early days of his presidency.

A senior adviser to Biden told The Washington Post that Biden spoke to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi late last week, stating that he would “focus on doing his job and leave it to handle impeachment.” “

The BIDEN team asked the US to receive the award in the ‘National Security Leadership’, ‘said those names

Soon after the siege on the Capitol, Biden declared the attackers “rioters, rebels and domestic terrorists”, but declined to say publicly whether he supported another impeachment.

On Monday, Biden asked senators if they could “bisect” their time between the Senate trial and other business.

“Can we go half a day to deal with impeachment and half a day to nominate and confirm my people in the Senate?” He told reporters that he asked MPs about the concerns of his cabinet members, the Post reported.

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Sen. Chuck Schumer, who will soon be Senate Majority Leader, is also looking at ways to speed through the Senate trial, which would traditionally take weeks and give very little time for other business, the Post reported.

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