About 40 Pennsylvania restaurants ordered shutdown to curb Governor’s coronavirus virus

A report said that about 40 Pennsylvania restaurants have been ordered closed after the government disobeyed the mandate. Tom Wolf has temporarily banned indoor food due to the coronovirus epidemic.

Pennsylvania reported Thursday that the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture announced that the restaurant would be closed about two weeks ago in violation of Wolf’s order to allow restaurants to eat indoors.

The mandate, which mandates restaurants not to serve customers for the three weeks ending Jan. 4, requires employees to wear masks while offering takeout and serving outside customers, the report said has gone.

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Restaurants ordered to close in central Pennsylvania include Dad’s Garage Grill and Burger House in Medicsburg, 230 cafes in Highspire and Tony’s Pizzeria and Restaurant in Highspire.

About 40 Pennsylvania restaurants have been ordered to close after postponing Govind. Tom Wolf’s mandate is preventing indoor food. (IStock)

The report noted that Shelby Ritz, co-owner of 230 Café, said the restaurant remained open for sit-down service to help staff financially through Christmas Day on Thursday. Starting Sunday, Reitz said the café will only be open for takeout through January 4.

“Our major concern was getting our employees over for Christmas. None of this had to do with the politics of it. What’s important to me is my employees, family and customers.”

– Shelby Ritz, co-owner of 230 cafes on orders to close restaurants for violations of government. Tom wolf no-indoor-dining order

“Our major concern was getting our employees over for Christmas. None of this had to do with the politics of it. What’s important to me is my employees, family and customers,” Reitz said.

The report said that according to the Department of Agriculture, the restaurant would be sent to the Pennsylvania Department of Health for further legal action, disobeying orders to close the restaurant and continue working in any manner.

Department of Agriculture spokesperson Shannon Powers said the complaint was made on the basis of establishments offering food-service in about 79 restaurants across the state. The restaurant consists of a group of 180 establishments issued by the department.


Powers said about 40 restaurants had been ordered closed to refuse to comply, while others had either agreed to close the dine-in service or had already done so.

The report states that while some restaurants have started following the mandate, some owners have filed suit against Wolf’s indoor dining ban. On Wednesday, a judge refused to end the enforcement of the indoor dining ban by two Central Pennsylvania restaurants and a trade union.

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US Middle District Judge Christopher Conner ruled that his court did not interfere in the absence of civil rights violations that the Hershey Independent Restaurant Association and Hennessy’s and Hensey’s and River House Bar & Grill owners failed to show in their legal action are.

The Pennsylvania report states that there are other agencies in Pennsylvania including the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement – Overseas COVID-19 enforcement. The agency recently cited dozens of licensed establishments in the state.

Most restaurants in Pennsylvania insist that they are following Wolf Democrat’s orders.

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He added, “The 40 restaurants closed by the order represent a small subgroup of more than 40,000 retail food businesses licensed and inspected by the department, a number that does not include the state’s most populous cities And whose health departments inspect the restaurant, ”he said.

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