ABC releases new bachelorette promos in place of Tessia Adams Claire Crowley

This season of The bachelor It is possible Actually Be the most dramatic yet.

Some people pose for the camera: Jessie Grant / Getty;  Paul Archuleta / Getty Claire Crowley, Teshia Adams

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Jessie Grant / Getty; Paul Archuleta / Getty Claire Crowley, Teshia Adams

On Monday, the network released the news amid the first promo of the sixteenth season of the hit reality show that Claire Crowley has been replaced by Teshia Adams as Bachelorette.

In the clip, 39-year-old Crowley can be seen wearing a one-shoulder gown while preparing for an on-camera interview. However, the screen goes dark on Crowley, presumably casting for switch-up.

There is no mention of 29-year-old Adams in the promo.

“# TheBacademyette helor. Coming soon on ABC on Tuesday,” the network captioned the teaser.

Several sources confirmed to People on Monday that Adams was replacing Crowley as a bachelorette as the latter fell in love with one of his original suitors after a delayed production of the coronovirus (COVID-19) pandemic in March .

“One of his potential people found a way to get in touch with him and they started talking,” the source said of Crowley. “By the time filming officially began, they were basically already in love. Nobody else had a chance. It became so obvious from just a few dates after that that his heart wasn’t in it and She just didn’t feel it. ” She said she wanted out. “

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Adams – A contestant of Colton Underwood Season 23 Bachelor Which came out later Bachelor in Heaven – Now brought as a back-up, the source said.

“Teshia was game and ready to go,” the source said. “What remains to be seen is if more men will be brought in to give Tesia a full roster of lawsuits.”

A representative for ABC and The bachelor No comments were made as soon as people arrived. Adams has not made any comments yet.

A woman sitting next to a body of water: Craig Szodin / ABC Tessia Adams

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Craig Szodin / ABC Teshia Adams

Crowley was last seen filming at La Quinta Resort in Palm Springs, California last month. The resort was closed to everyone, but everyone was tested wearing masks and taking precautions, due to the cast and crew COVID-19.

Some people pose for the camera: Claire Crowley, Teshia Adams

© Jessie Grant / Getty; Paul Archuleta / Getty
Claire Crowley, Teshia Adams

Regarding how the casting change would affect production, “due to quarantine, it’s simply not as simple as starting,” the source told Local. “All are being tested and contained within this bubble, so anyone coming from ‘outside’ is potentially a problem. So there’s still a whole lot to resolve at this point in terms of the Tsuia’s suitors.” the wanted.”

A person sitting on stage: Paul Hebert / Walt Disney Television via Getty Clare Crowley

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Paul Hebert / Walt Disney Television via Getty Clare Crowley

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In July, Crowley’s contestants’ bios were introduced on the show’s Facebook page Single Nation to 42 potential suitors. Of the group, 25 were new names, while 17 remained from the original group raised prior to the production of COVID-19. Males are aged between 25 and 40.

Premiere date for season 16 The bachelor Not announced yet. It was expected to air in late September / early October.

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