Abbott leaves GOP conference to deal with coronovirus outbreak in Texas government

Texas Village. Greg Abbott will not attend the Republican National Convention later this month as he relates to the increase of coronovirus cases in his state.

Abbott, a Republican, instead nominated Lieutenant Government Dan Patrick for the parade-down convention in North Carolina and chaired the Lone Star State’s delegation.

Abbott informed Republican National Committee President Rona McDaniel that he would not attend the nominating convention in a letter late next week.

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“It was an honor to be elected to the chair of the Texas delegation for the 2020 Republican National Convention,” Abbott said. “However, as we deal with the COVID-19 epidemic, my top priority is focused on protecting the health and safety of Texas.”

As of Monday, Texas had more than 453,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 7,515 deaths, although states could not update their total numbers due to a system upgrade used to process lab results.

The news about Abbott’s absence came just weeks after President Trump announced a scale-back conference.

Trump announced in late July that he was canceling celebratory events that were scheduled to take place next month in Jacksonville, Fla.

During a press talk at the White House, Trump said, “The timing for this event is not right, it’s just not right.” “To do a big conference, this is not just the right time.”

Trump said: “There is nothing in our country more important than keeping our people safe.”

In June, the RNC chose Jacksonville to host key parts of the conference after leaving the city of Charlotte, NC over disagreements over congestion-related crowd restrictions.

President and Republican officials said North Korea Governor Roy Cooper, a Democrat, said that due to the epidemic he was unwilling to guarantee the RNC a full convention with an arena full of party officials, delegates and delegates. Activists as desired by Trump.

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While the Jacksonville portion of the convention has been canceled, Trump said delegates will still meet in North Carolina and give an address when he accepts the nomination.

Democrats have also seen their convention fall dramatically.

The Democratic National Convention, which was pushed back a month and was scheduled to begin on August 17, is still being held in Milwaukee.

But the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced last month that their confab would be held mostly online – with congressional representatives and Democratic members – rather than the person attending the conference.

Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.

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