Abbas counts on Trump loss to revive Palestinian fortunes

And he has promised to complete more normalization deals for Israel with Arab countries, with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan, shaking off decades-old Arab solidarity that undermined Palestinian national strategy: Israel No validation before creation of. A Palestinian State.

But if Mr. Abbas is anxiously waiting to see if Mr. Trump walks out of office, almost everyone is standing in front of him the next day after Mr. Abbas exits. Senior members of his party are elbowing each other while campaigning for their own efforts in diplomacy, technocratic democratic governance or popular opposition.

“The ship is sinking, and everyone is fighting in the first-class cabin,” said Mr. Abbas’ former mentor, Git al-Omari.

Regarding Mr. Abbas, people say he has also become fearful that his new-found allies in the United States, Israel and the Arab world may be plotting his replacement – Prince Bandar bin Sultan, former American The chief and diplomat on Saudi state television again worried by a recent interview with the spy.

“With those people,” Prince Bandar said, referring to the Palestinian leadership, “it is hard to believe them or think you can do anything to serve Palestine in their presence.”

Ultimately, many analysts say, Mr. Abbas may have to eat crow and re-engage the Trump administration, ideally with some sort of face-saving diplomatic cover, like the intervention of a multilateral institution.

For now, however, she has at least tried to make the appearance of other options.

Because of something sudden happening between his traditional Arab allies in Egypt and the Gulf, he sought to send them a message – which some have accepted at face value – of the bitter regional and ideological rivals of Turkey and Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt by flirting with.

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