AARP: Congress must avoid the “sudden cut” of Medicare in 2018


The AARP is urging the leaders of the House and the Senate to suspend the rules of Congress so that the Republican bill does not cause deep cuts to Medicare.

If Republicans approve their tax bill, which would add an estimated $ 1 billion to the federal deficit, Congress' "pay according to use" rules would require $ 150 billion in mandatory spending cuts to offset the impact.

"The sudden stop of funds from Medicare providers in 2018 would have an immediate and lasting impact, including fewer providers who participate in Medicare and reduced access to care for Medicare beneficiaries," AARP said in a letter sent to the leaders of Congress on Thursday.

According to the bill, according to the Congressional Budget Office, Medicare would face a $ 25 billion 2018 tax cut.

But the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Addison ( Mitch) Mitchell McConnell GOP Giving Strategy to Alabama Democrat McConnell appoints Republican Senate tax speakers Brent Budo wsky: a plea to Alabama voters MORE (R-Ky.) And the announcer Paul Ryan [19659008] Paul Davis Ryan McConnell appoints Republican Senators from the House Republican Senate: & # 39; I care about both sides & # 39; of the hall in DACA Night-time medical care: 3.6M subscribed to ObamaCare in the first month | Ryan promises & # 39; rights reform & # 39; next year | Democrats press for more money to fight opiates. MORE (R-Wis.) They have promised that the cuts will not happen.

In a joint statement sent just before the Senate vote on the bill last week, Ryan and McConnell said "there is no reason to believe that Congress will not act again to prevent a kidnapping, and we will work to ensure that these spending cuts are avoided. "

Legislators have voted numerous times in the past to waive the rule, and even House conservatives have said they will likely support an exemption once the tax bill pbades.

"I can not imagine any scenario where there is no exemption for PAYGO", House Speaker of the House of Representatives Mark Meadows Mark Randall MeadowsTrump faints Dems a day before the Key House meeting Blanca Overnight Health Care: 3.6M subscribed to ObamaCare in the first month | Ryan promises & # 39; rights reform & # 39; next year | Democrats press for more money to fight opiates Finance at night: Trump says closure "could happen" | Ryan, conservatives are closer to the spending agreement | Senate approves motion to go to tax conference | Ryan promises a & # 39; rights reform & # 39; in 2018. More (R-N.C) said on Wednesday. "He's using a hammer when maybe he would make a scalpel."

But at least in the Senate, the Republicans will need the support of the Democrats to renounce the rules. So far, they have been reluctant to offer it.

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