Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay Packers could practice this week but still no decision, says Mike McCarthy


GREEN BAY, Wis. – Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will not train on Friday, the first day he is eligible to take the field since he was placed on the injured reserve.

No, Rodgers did not have a setback in the recovery of his broken clavicle. The Packers simply do not practice on Fridays.

Saturday, however, could be another story.

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One day after Rodgers was seen, the pitch went through 50 yards in the air during pre-game training at Heinz Field before 31-28 defeat Pittsburgh Steelers, Packers coach Mike McCarthy praised Rodgers' dedication to his rehabilitation, but did not commit to a timeline for when Rodgers would return to practice.

"We'll see," McCarthy said Monday. "I mean, it's still happening, there's a protocol, there are goals that we're trying to achieve every week, I think they're working [on it] and they're segmented, priority A-No.1 is getting healthy. what we really focus on right now.

"I'm more focused on planning the game for the Buccaneers. There is a plan set for Aaron, like the other guys in IR. It's taking it out of the park, it's going at 120 miles per hour. We'll see what the end of the week brings. "

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers can not return to action until Dec. 17 in Carolina. Jim Matthews / Green Bay Post Gazette

Either way, Rodgers can not return to the action of the game until Dec. 17 at Carolina, but players who remain in injury reserve are eligible to practice six weeks after the play was made. was placed on IR on October 20, one day after he underwent surgery to repair his broken right clavicle.

The Packers have not practiced on Fridays during a week of normal play for several years, using the day in place of recovery, treatment and meetings, before having a short practice on Saturday These practices on Saturdays are closed to the media, but the Packers would have to inform the league if Rodgers vue lve to practice, as it would count as one of the two players designated to return from IR. They have already used a point, in Jason Spriggs, which started in the right tackle against the St eelers.

Those who arrived at Heinz Field early on Sunday saw Rodgers pull for about 10 or 15 minutes.

"I think [was] is a great opportunity," McCarthy said. "I mean, think about it: you are in a process of rehabilitation and the ability to throw in an opponent's stadium." Everything they are doing is calculated between the training room, the strength and conditioning room and Aaron. As you would imagine, he goes 120 miles per hour, and so far everything is fine "

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