Aaron Rodgers knows his time in Green Bay is falling after the love pick

Every year Love sits in Green Bay as a waste of installment-contract profits.

If the cut is accompanied by a high-dead money implication, Rodger is likely to be a Packer in the next two seasons. Then, who knows?

“I don’t bother any sick about it,” Rodgers said of Love Selection. “Was I out? Of course, who wouldn’t? I wanted to play my entire career in Green Bay. I love the city. I grew up there, in fact, I was 21 when I moved there. Now. You know, a lot changes during that time. But look, I get it. I see it perfectly clearly, and I’m not upset about it. It’s just like that That’s it. “

The 37-year-old knows that if he wants to continue his career into the 40s, it’s probably in another state. Many all-time greats have donated different colors. Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, Joe Namath, Brett Favre – Man Rodgers took over this year – and most recently Tom Brady to name a few.

If he leaves Green Bay: Chicago Bears, it becomes difficult to consider wearing a jersey rodders.

“Hey man, that’s a tough idea right there, man,” Rodgers said, cheating on Socha.

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