Aaron Donald would not feel like playing in the snow in Green Bay

USA Today Sports

Although some Ram players (like quarterback Jared Goff) would prefer not to play in the ice at Lambo Field, a Ramus player would have no problem with this.

“I wouldn’t mind it because it’s not too much snow,” Aaron Donald told reporters Wednesday. “I haven’t played in a snow game since I was about seven years old. So it’s been a long time. Those kinds of games, you know, it’s going to be a dog fight. So, I wouldn’t mind , But as long as we’re still able to do what we have to do there, people are still flying around, it’s going to be different, but we’ll be fine. “

Donald says he played the coldest game ever at Pitt against the Rutgers in his junior year.

Currently, Saturday’s forecast in Green Bay calls for 25 degree and 16 mph winds, as well as a high temperature of 34 degrees, a low of 23. The game starts at 3:35 pm local time on Saturday.

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