Aaron Boone of Yaris has no issue with Gerrit Cole’s anger

Gurmeet Cole did not try to express his displeasure in the seventh inning of the loss at Tamanche Bay on Wednesday. Not when Aaron Boone came to the mound to remove him from the tie game – nor later in the night when he addressed the media and refused to remove Boone from the hook.

And Boone said he is fine and loves Cole’s competitive fire.

“At different times during the year, you have to make a difficult decision or decision that is best for the team and [the player], “Boons said on Thursday before the 10-5 loss to the Rays. “And sometimes they are not popular with the player. We agree very much, and every once in a while we are about to disagree. And this is part of the game. ”

The reason for Wednesday’s game was that the Yankees signed Cole to a nine-year, $ 324 million deal, and the right-hander was a staple for the outing, but he allowed two solo homers and struck out 109 pitches. Were when Boone favored him. Zach Britton, who finished the innings before finishing eighth.

“I was in a good position to finish it,” Cole said Wednesday. “[Boone] It took this step before he got out of there, so it was not true what I said on the mound. I will leave what I said in my glove. ”

Boone said that he and Cole often talk when he is both on the pitch and on other days, and the manager has no problem with anything the right-hander has said or said.

“I never get upset when people care about their craft and ours and the team and the game,” Boone said. “I think this is what we saw from Gerrit. He is as good a competitor as he is. He is an ace in this place. I love the fact that he wants the ball. When you’re playing for too much, sometimes it spills over, emotion, when there’s too much on the line. I don’t really have a problem with it. ”

Luke Voight went on to win the fourth straight game on Thursday. This is the second time he has competed in four straight games, the second being the last three games of 2018 and the first of 2019. He also has five homers in four games, as well as six in his last eight. … all five of Geo Urshela’s come home. The third baseman also had a 0-for-11 strep with a double in the third inning.

With the news that the Yankees’ game at City Field against the Mets was postponed due to COVID cases with the Mets, Boone said that if the team is able to play on Saturday, he will have JA Happ as his starter. we’ll be together.


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