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Aaron Boone has already sought help with his great transition


A significant contingent of media traveled from Los Angeles to Houston back to Los Angeles earlier this fall, covering the exciting World Series between the Astros and the Dodgers. Inside this caravan there was at least one interesting conversation, one that becomes particularly significant for the Yankees 2018.

"He asked me about my experience," said Buck Martinez about Aaron Boone.

Boone is ready to go directly from playing to the broadcast booth for management, as the Yankees will formally present him this week as Joe Girardi's successor. Martinez followed the same path 17 years ago when he became the manager of the Azulejos.

Martinez's experiment short-circuited when Gord Ash, the Toronto general manager who took a chance with the former receiver for the 2001 season, was fired a year after hiring Martinez. Ash's replacement, JP Ricciardi, now a critical member of the Mets' headquarters, eliminated Martinez 53 games in 2002, and Martinez relayed life again in 2003 and stayed there, except for a while as manager of the USA team. in the inaugural World Baseball Clbadic.

However, since few people have tried what Boone is trying to do-and how much less they have succeeded-it made sense for Boone to touch Martinez's memory bank.

"Once I went back to the dugout, it was a reminder of how fast the game is," said Martinez, who played for the last time in 1986, in a telephone interview on Saturday. "It's a great reminder for my broadcasting career not to be so critical when something happens on the field."

"No matter how long we've been in the game, you see something new happening. And then everyone in the bank looks at you and says, & # 39; What is the rule in that? & # 39; I think that's why it's important to put together a great coaching staff. "

Martinez finished with a 100-115 record as manager and is still loved in Toronto, where he spent his last six years as a player and is in his second season Long as an announcer, the other notable people in this club followed a similar model to Martinez, managing a team they had been broadcasting, while Boone worked nationally for ESPN.

Larry Dierker, a veteran Astros pitcher, He broadcast Houston games for nearly 20 seasons after his playing career before having the opportunity to run the club in 1997. He led Houston to four impressive National League Central titles in five years, however, after being fired after of the 2001 season, he never received another managerial opportunity.

Jerry Coleman, a Yankees infielder during the Casey Stengel dynasty, enjoys Aba's life as an announcer of the Padres when he decided to give a blow to the team's leadership in 1980 The Padres went 73-89, finishing in last place in the National League West Division, and Jack McKeon, who badumed the As the general manager of the team in the middle of that campaign, he fired Coleman at the end of the season. Coleman returned to the comfort of the transmission booth and stayed there until his pbading in 2014.

In the following years, McKeon said on Saturday in a telephone interview, "[Coleman] thanked me very much." He said: You did the biggest favor of my life, he returned me to the radio booth. "His heart was not in that, he was absent for so long, and we had a lousy club with gripers and whiners – that was not Jerry's style."

Although Bob Brenly is often included in this group – he was the Diamondbacks to his manager in 2001, defeating the Yankees in the World Series in his first season – Brenly trained with the Giants for a few years before going to Arizona .

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