A week-old Tesla Model X catastrophic suspension failure and the resulting Twitter feed is as bad as you’d think

The illustration for a week-old article titled Tesla Model X features horrific suspension failure and the resulting Twitter feed as you think bad

Illustration: Jason Torkinski / Twitter

There is no question that Tesla has completely revolutionized electric cars and they have some very beautiful engineering and careful design for their cars. There is no question that they have anything Real quality control problems and their CEO Thora, you know, sucks. I think the CEO’s share is not really German, unlike every other car company, when something goes wrong, customers are dissatisfied. Tweet directly to Elon. As one did, as their brand-new car suffered only one major suspension failure.

Here are tweets that show something that I’m sure JD Powers people would think is an issue:

The owner carelessly refers to it as “the wheel got off”, but what it looks like is actually worse. It looks like a low control arm, and perhaps a ball joint has also failed.

The illustration for a week-old article titled Tesla Model X features horrific suspension failure and the resulting Twitter feed as you think bad

Illustration: Jason Torkinski / Beastlorian

Beastlyorion, The owner of the Model X, mentions that Tesla is paying him for repairs, and mentions some wear on the side of the tire, as well as a “small indent” on the bumper.

I’m not sure if the “small indent” is even related, as if it were something due to the impact of the tire, it’s hard to see how damaging any bodywork around the tire that hits the tire Would have survived until a small torpedo said it was killed

Of course, that doesn’t stop Elon’s army from running any more, and defends Tesla:

… can it be real? It’s become a joke, isn’t it? Let’s see what else this person tweeted about it:

what rubbish? This person does not have a feed looks like Having a parody or comedy account. They seem to be some kind of stock geek. Holy shit, this man can be serious? man.

There are also a fair amount of other Tesla-suspension part-failure deniers:

Man, you really crazy, this degree of evidence has to be handed over to Tesla to inspire loyalty among your fans.

There are some other questions too, for some reason, the original poster is not even a car:

Now, I haven’t seen that guy’s title or anything, but it still feels like an outlook that transcends loyalty to the general automotive brand a bit, and in some … deeper. Also: Isn’t there a truth interrobang Emoji?

There is also a rough estimate that the owner’s goal is to shorten Tesla stock and, to be fair, the owner’s deadline is something talked about:

Then, there’s a lot more crazy accusations:

There is a slight feeling in this thread as well, so it’s not all bad:

Of course, there is also a lot of other reactions The suspension Issues With Teslas, a number of Which focuses on control arm failures and problems. This seems to be one thing.

However, it is a strange thing to actually fail. It is a part of intense stresses, but it is not that it is particularly complex or poorly understood – these are some cars 101 here dirt. It is a control arm. SpaceX does not need to be called to consult, as it is not rocket science at all.

This is also a type of failure that, if it were to occur at a speed, could possibly cause a wreck, which could, as a result, potentially injure people.

A week old car should not have such problems. Hell, a decade or more old car should not have a control weapon. This is funny And the idea that a car with evidence of a major accident should not be covered by the warranty is also absurd.

Even if the driver went over a curb or pit, I think it is reasonable to expect that a car (with some SUVs / rugged drifts, especially) should not break a control arm. Any event would have provided sufficient force to break the control arm of industry-standard levels of quality that would have caused other collateral damage.

I’ve reached out to the owner and Tesla, and will update if I hear anything. In Tesla’s case, I cannot advocate breathing.

One thing I know is that nothing that happens at Tesla is simple, and I am not talking mechanically.


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