A viral video shows a border collie saving a puppy in seconds from being hit by a car

A heroic border collie saved a puppy from being hit by a car just in time.

The Internet loves dog videos, especially videos that show dogs doing everything possible to help people (and animals) in their lives. It's no wonder that a recent video of a heroic border collie from Quebec, Canada, has gone viral, surprising pet lovers around the world. The video, which was posted on social networks by the dog's owner, shows what could have been a very tragic situation avoided by this daring dog, according to The animal rescue site.

The video begins happily with a man and a woman playing with their three dogs, a Border Collie, a Chihuahua puppy and a Labrador on his snowy path. At one point, the man leaves the painting while the dogs continue running and playing. Meanwhile, the woman enters her car when she begins to back out of the driveway. While the other two dogs are out of the way, she does not realize that the little Chihuahua puppy is slowly making its way on her way. The car approaches the puppy when the border collie takes note of the dangerous situation just in time. The dog runs by the road of the vehicle and catches it in the mouth, taking it quickly to a safe place. The fast-forward clip shows how close the car reached the dog, narrowly missing the small animal.

This made my heart skip a beat https://t.co/hpQWF1MVZW

– SureAwesomeness (@SureAwesomeness) April 16, 2019

Finally, looking in the rearview mirror, the dog owner stops the car and jumps. Pick up the puppy to make sure it's okay before rushing to praise the Border Collie for his good work.

"I saw something in my mirror. First I thought I had crushed my dog, "he writes in a video title.

The video, which since then made its way through social networks, caught the attention of thousands of dog fanatics. Many commented on the video and praised the Border Collie for his quick capacity to save.

"Fantastic puppy with such security surveillance! I hope the owner is more careful," wrote one user.

Some other viewers criticized the owner of the dog for not being more careful and warned her to check her surroundings while driving near the animals, according to The dodo.

"I am totally judging these people for having loose dogs and not for the triple control that they are completely out of danger before backing up like this," a social media user wrote after seeing the heartbreaking video.

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