A very big innings of Wonder Streamed Woman 1984 on HBO Max

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.
The image: Warner Bros.

Recently, we reported on Nielsen streaming numbers for the end of December, including a major success story for Disney’s release inner heart. In that post, we noted that Nielsen did not include HBO Max on its streaming chart numbers. But now, it’s released those numbers anyway – at least, for Wonder Woman 1984.

Shared by Hollywood Reporter, Number for nielsen Wonder Woman 1984 Very, very good. They support claims by WarnerMedia about the film’s performance — during the first week of its release, the film grossed $ 2.25 million. Which makes it the top streaming title of the week inner heart1.67 billion minutes. Allegedly, it is the most viewed film on it Service.

Nielsen does not yet release HBO Max’s numbers in its charts, and the release of these figures may have inspired WarnerMediaWish, y’know, one-up inner heart here.

“Its effect Amazing woman 1984 can not be understood on HBO Max Andy Forssel, executive vice president of HBO Max. “As announced on Wednesday During our earning And as this Nielsen data shows, it was a big holiday gift to the consumer when they wanted and needed it. This partnership with Warner Bros. continues throughout the year but it began with Amazing womanArrival on Christmas Day to great success.

With that said, don’t expect Nielsen to release these numbers regularly, at least until it finally adds HBO Max to its flagship streaming charts. It was once upon a time, service-wise.

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