A tweet by Elon Musk increased the health care stock signal advance by 5,675%

Talk about a case of mixed signal.

On January 6, the shares of Signal Advance SIGL,
+ 438.25%
Closed at a rate of 60 cents per share, a tangible profit for the Rosron, Texas-based biotechnology company formerly known as the Boyoni Development Company.

A day later, on Thursday, the company’s shares rose 527% to $ 3.76 – and after the apparent ticker confusion led to a move to over-counter-traded security in the ether, all hake broke. . Tesla Inc. boomed after TSLA,
CEO Elon Musk recommended that people “use the signal” when they shift from the Twitter signal to the encrypted-messaging platform Signal
And Facebook FB,
The riots on Capitol Hill last week were followed by the sturm und drung on politics and social-media platforms.

The messaging platform, Signal, is not a publicly traded company, but it expects the unrelated Signal Advance to continue its rise, growing 5,643% and increasing its market value from $ 55 million to a worldly $ 55 million last Wednesday. Could not stop pushing till.

The move was so powerful that the message service was weighed on Friday:

The curious thing is that much has already been done about the fact that Signal Advance is not a signal in many news articles, but the former shares have refused to return to Earth and have a nearly 400% rise on Monday. Enjoyed it.

Signal Advance’s website went down on Monday, reaching those receiving the message: “The website is temporarily unable to fulfill your request because it exceeds the resource limit. Retry later Do. ”

A call to the company, called 1992 by Chris M. What was established by Hymall, per factset, was not immediately returned.

Meanwhile, the messenger app Signal bills itself around 2014 as an open-source service developed by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger and has seen users pick up in times of political turmoil.


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