A tricky statement about humanitarian work: Center on amnesty

Amnesty linked all government actions to critical reports of the government

new Delhi:

It ceased operations in India just hours after it was announced by Amnesty International and accused Witch-Hunt of its recent reports questioning rights violations, with the government stating “defying the law of human rights land “Cannot be an excuse” and a “shiny statement” was “an attempt to divert attention from their illegal activities.”

“All glowing statements about human actions and speaking the truth for power are nothing to divert attention from their activities, which were in clear violation of the prescribed Indian laws. Such statements make the course of inquiry for many There is an attempt to influence fast. Agencies have carried out irregularities and illegalities over the years, “the government said in a statement this evening, accusing the global rights watchman of illegally obtaining foreign funds.

“Amnesty is free to continue humanitarian work in India, as is being done by many other organizations. However, India does not, by settled law, allow interference in domestic political debate by entities funded by foreign donations. This law applies equally to everyone. It will also apply to Amnesty International. ”

This morning, Amnesty alleged that its accounts were freezed earlier this month, so it was let go to its employees in India and halted all its ongoing operations and research operations.

The organization said, “Amnesty International India’s bank accounts have been completely freezed by the Government of India, which was revealed on 10 September, bringing all the work being done by the organization as a hindrance.” ”

Amnesty claimed that it complies with all Indian and international laws. This is the latest in the constant witch hunt of human rights organizations on unfounded and motivated allegations by the Indian government.

Amnesty linked all government action to criticism of the government; Its recent reports raised questions over alleged rights violations during the February 370 riots and after the abolition of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.

The government called Amnesty’s statements “unfortunate, exaggerated and far from the truth”.

“India has a rich and pluralistic democratic culture with a tradition of free press, independent judiciary and vibrant domestic debate. The people of India have placed unprecedented trust in the current government. Amnesty’s failure to follow local rules has led her to comment. Does not make the entitled. On the democratic and plural character of India, “the Home Ministry statement said.

According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Amnesty International was permitted only once and 20 years ago under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA). The ministry said that since then, Amnesty International was denied FCRA approval by successive governments, it was not eligible.

But to reduce FCRA, Amnesty UK, “classifying it as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), sent large amounts of money to four entities registered in India,” the statement said.

A significant amount of foreign money was also remitted to Amnesty (India) under FCRA without the approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The ministry said that due to the illegal practices of amnesty, the previous (Congress-led UPA) government had also rejected its repeated applications to receive funds from abroad. “This led Amnesty to suspend its India operations once during that period. This bipartisan and purely legal approach to Amnesty under various governments, makes it clear that the entire blame was adopted by Amnesty. Secure processes are rooted in, so as to secure funding for it operations, ”the government said.


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