A third-party candidate in the SC Senate race runs out, throwing support behind Graham

The third-party candidate in South Carolina’s Senate race is overtaking Sen. Lindsey grahamLindsay Olin Grahamkomi has defended the FBI Russia investigation from GOP criticism. Hills campaign report: Debate Fallout L. Trump clarifies comment on L. of Boys Down the Wire in South CarolinaIncumbent to promote Republican, with facing an unexpectedly strong Democratic challenger.

Bill Bledos, who was the candidate of the Constituent Party in Palmetto State, said that on Thursday he is leaving Graham behind, specifically citing the senator’s efforts to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee. President TrumpDonald John Trumptrump signs bill to close on average after brief funding lapses, privacy, civil rights groups demand transparency from Amazon over election data breaches Facebook takes down Trump campaign ads to tie refugees to coronovirus goesThere are judicial nominees in federal courts around the country.

“This is the most important election in my lifetime. Blader said in a statement distributed by Graham’s campaign, I applaud Senator Graham’s work that affirms President Trump’s more than 200 conservative judges for lifetime appointments to the federal bench. “President Trump has asked that conservatives stand together and re-elect Lindsey Graham to help make America great again, and I agree.

“I will vote for President Donald Trump and Senator Lindsey Graham on November 3, and I urge every freedom-loving South Carolina to do the same.”

The Orthodox Constitution Party states that its purpose is to “restore American jurisprudence to its biblical foundations and limit the federal government to its constitutional limits.”

Support from Bledos, a Spartanburg vet, marks a small victory for Graham, who faces a tough challenge from Democrat Jaime Harrison. Harrison is heading into the final sprint for Election Day with a stunning campaign account after attracting donors from around the country, and polls show him and Graham running neck and neck.

Bledsoe ran against Sen. Tim scottTimothy (Tim) Eugene Scotgop’s Senators Pan Debate: ‘S — Show,’ “Horrifying,” “Embarrassment” The Hills Campaign Report: Debate Fallout L. Trump clarifies comment on Proud Boys, says in South Carolina Trump down the wire says Proud should ‘stand down’ after backlash to argue over comments (R) In the 2016 South Carolina Senate race for both the Constitution and Libertarian parties, when they discussed gun restrictions, they tracked around a Revolutionary War-era rifle. But while he gained only 2 percent support in that race, a similar performance could have made a difference in the Senate’s contest, which could be fixed on the margins of elections.

Graham, who first won his seat in 2002 and was in the fray for reunification in 2008 and 2014, is looking to bolster support for conservatives who are wary of his initial criticism of President Trump’s campaign in 2015 Maybe, before he turned into one of the staunch allies of the White House. He also at times attracted Republicans’ willingness to work with Democrats and their stance on immigration.

“I am Dr. I appreciate the support of Bloodos. We agree on many issues, such as increasing the number of conservative judges on the bench, reducing the national debt, maintaining the sanctity of life, and having a strong military, ”said Graham. “Dr. Blydo and I both believe that Democrats like Jaime Harrison pose a threat to these values ​​and our beloved state. Radical liberals, like my opponent, Jaime Harrison, are fundamentally trying to change what we can of a country. Are in the form. “