A technological trick could have filtered the Amazon Prime date date

This year's Amazon Prime Day is scheduled to begin around noon July 16 and continue through the next day.

according to TechRadar .

Amazon did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment or confirm the date to TechRadar.


A day and a half of offers would make the First Day of this year the longest so far for Amazon. In 2017, the event was developed for just over 24 hours. Prime Day did not start until 2015.

The extravagance of online shopping, very similar to the Amazon version of Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, in 2017 was the largest so far. Sales grew by more than 60 percent from the previous year, the company said. The event also helped the company add "tens of millions" of new paid members to its platform.

Speculation has already swirled this month that Amazon would celebrate Prime Day 2018 closer to July 10, based on past events. In 2015, the first day fell on July 15. In 2016, it was celebrated on July 12. And last year, offers started on July 10.

For other retailers, Prime Day has unleashed a series of rival shopping events.

Last year, for example, Target initiated its back-to-school agreements the same week as Prime Day, while J.C. Penney made an online sale of "Penney Palooza."

Often, some of the best deals on Amazon.com during Prime Day are for Amazon's own devices, such as Echo, Kindle and Fire TV Stick. This year, however, the e-commerce giant is expected to put more effort into buying groceries and clothing, with Whole Foods merchandise and more clothing brands (ie, Nike and Calvin Klein) selling through of the website.

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