A Tampa-based biotech company is working on a nasal spray for the COVID-19 vaccine

TAMPA, Fla. – Right now, a Tampa-based company is working on a longer-lasting COVID-19 vaccine that is not an arm shot.

The biotechnology company “Oragenics” is in the preclinical development of a COVID-19 vaccine that, according to them, would be easier to administer and of longer duration.

The COVID-19 vaccine would be in the form of a nasal spray. Instead of being injected into the muscle like current vaccine injections, the spray would go into the nose to protect against the creation of the virus, a longer lasting immunity.

The company says the nasal spray would make the vaccine more accessible to all parts of the world, rather than having to be stored in cold temperatures.

“The idea is to have an easier method of administration, especially for children and people who fear needles. Or people who live in really remote areas of the world where it is difficult to try to get healthcare workers to come in and give injections. sterile, “he added. said Dr. Alan Joslyn, CEO of Oragenics.

Oragenics is still in the development stage of their vaccine, but they hope to have it in clinical trials later this year.


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