A Swarm Of Bees In The Bullpen Delayed Angels-Rangers

A swarm of bees seized the bullpens in Sunday's game between the Angels and the Rangers. The buzz peaked in fifth place when Texas reliever Kyle Bird was preparing to enter the end of the inning, but eventually had to leave the bullpen to warm up somewhere else because the insect invasion had put on so bad

Angels pitcher Hansel Robles wrapped himself as best he could with the towels and tried to use the remaining pieces of cloth to crush anything that dared to approach him. The Rangers simply flatten He fled. The game had to be stopped for a few minutes to have everything under control, as the bees decided to find their next place to bother. They would continue to choose the foul stick in left field.

Somewhere, Ned Yost is smiling because this swarm of bees did not end with a wave of murders.

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