A suicide bomber attacks Helmand province in Afghanistan


A suicide bomber detonated his mini truck loaded with explosives near a military base in southern Afghanistan, killing at least eight soldiers and wounding about a dozen others.

A spokesman for the provincial government confirming the casualties A VOA said the attack early Sunday occurred in the volatile Nad Ali district of Helmand province.

The Taliban quickly badumed responsibility for carrying out the bombing. An insurgent spokesman said the powerful blast "killed and wounded" more than 100 Afghan security agents, although Taliban tolls often inflate.

Helmand is an important poppy-producing region, and most districts are controlled or contested by the Taliban.

Afghan officials said Sunday's deadly explosion gained momentum in an area recently relieved of insurgent control.

It is said that attacks and attacks on the Taliban battlefield have killed hundreds of Afghan security forces since the beginning of this month, and the group has also invaded new territory.

The Afghan government, in a recent report to parliamentarians on the deterioration of national security, confirmed that in the first week of May the insurgent attacks killed 252 security personnel and injured more than 400.


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