A special lawyer is removed from bail with Paul Manafort, saying he tried to hide a public relations effort


Paul Manafort ghost-wrote an editorial about his political work in Ukraine, violating a court order, according to a new court filing of the special lawyer's office.

The indictment was revealed Monday as the reason why the special lawyer was backing a bail bond with the Manafort lawyers. The agreement would have loosened the terms of house arrest for former President Trump's campaign manager.

Manafort wanted to be allowed to travel between a few states in exchange for agreeing to lose $ 11.6 million in property if a court appearance was lost.

The special lawyer's office, which investigates whether someone in Trump's orbit helped Russia interfere with last year's presidential campaign, said that Manafort helped draft the editorial in recent days, working with a Russian who has links with the intelligence services of that country. [19659002] That letter violated a court order of November 8 that "prohibited such extrajudicial statements to protect the impartiality of the next trial," the court said.

"The editorial was clearly undertaken to influence the public opinion of the defendant Manafort, or else there would be no reason to request its publication (much less for Manafort and his long-time badociate to secretly write on behalf of another person), "said the court." The problem is compounded that the proposed piece is not a dispbadionate recitation of the facts. "

The court said Manafort was involved in the editorial until Thursday. He did not say whether the publishing house was publishing or shedding the Russian with whom Manafort supposedly worked.

A Manafort spokesperson did not immediately return a message requesting a comment.

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