A Seahawks Tour, Marcus Golden, and Friday Before the Seahawks

The game at State Farm Stadium was over last season, the Seahawks have held their record 6–0–1 since 2013 in Arizona, and Larry FitzGerald finished the day with a good game.

“I remember walking off the field last year and hearing some (Seahawk) people talking about it is a home game for us,” FitzGerald said. “It didn’t sit particularly well.”

It shouldn’t be the last time the Cards defeated the Seahawks in their own building, Russell Wilson was a rogue (and yet he almost won a last-second win.) The Cards have returned the favor, 5- in Seattle. Going from 2 to the same. Period.

Justin Pugh said he was focused on the now rather than the past, and now a lot is at stake. Of course, a national TV audience has to be curious to see if the Cardinals will translate against a bad Cowboys team on Monday night against the undefeated Seahawks. There is a monkey there about winning at home. The NFC West is a chance to stay in the race for the title – or go far behind considering that there will be seven games in the season.

– It is fantastic to see Marcus Golden coming back to Arizona. This was something I thought about before the Cards signed Devon Kennard, and Golden is being asked to help, because his friend Chandler Jones was hurt, in a way. He is not Chandler, but it is a good piece to balance the season.

He is also fully fit outside the grounds in the locker room. This team still has their friends, they have a motor that doesn’t give up, and if this team ever wants extra energy in these empty stadiums, Golden will bring it. It may have been a rental, but it says something about what the Cardinals think they can do this year.

– They won’t be golden this weekend, for a bunch of reasons. He would have to find a way to come after Russell Wilson without her. It is a major Sunday.

– Wilson, who surprisingly has never received an MVP vote, appears to be the leading candidate for 2020. That was also the very Wilson-esque last Seattle game, with the Seahawks driving for 90 yards or a game-winning touchdown in waning seconds.

“He lets the whole football team go,” said defensive coordinator Vance Joseph, before deadpanning. “I think they deliberately kept the game close in the fourth quarter so that Russell could take them and win it.”

– It was not scheduled, apparently, but it would be the sixth time in seven “Sunday Night Football” games that at least one NFC West team would have been featured this season.

– This is the “Crucial Catch” game of the Cardinals to focus on the fight against cancer, so towels, gloves, etc. will include different colors, as always, the Cardinals will wear their black alternate jersey (with). White number), which works better with all additional colors.

– Yes, the Cardinals are on a short week. Yes, the Seahawks are coming a bye. Yes, it seems like a big advantage … but for whom? Courtesy of NFL Media Research, each of the last seven-time team coming from Monday night’s game has said goodbye to a team the MNF team has won – and by an average of 14 points. I would not have guessed.

– The Seahawk will not have the safety of Jamal Adams, who is still battling a groin injury. This is a plus for the Cards, as Adams is a problem when he is playing.

– The Cardinals are getting high marks for their play from some analytical outlets, but Pugh doesn’t want to hear it. In part because he doesn’t want the unit to lose sight of what they still need to accomplish, in part because the props don’t really matter.

“If you want to be one of the best offensive lines, you have to do it (over a season),” Pugh said. “Can’t be for some games and then you disappear. … All these matrices, they don’t know our plan, they don’t know our playcalls, they don’t know our actions.

“When we put on the film, we have to feel good about it, the coaches have to feel good about it. In this building we have to know that we are going in the right direction, which we are. But I No. Want to hear from anyone about our offensive line. Everyone wants us one minute and tell us that we’re the greatest in the next minute. At the end of the year we’ll let the results speak for themselves. ”

– Yes, I think DeAndre Hopkins is going to play.

it’s gonna be fun. see you Sunday.

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