A Samsung user upgraded his Galaxy S7 and I was stunned by his choice

She knew what she needed.

well almost.

He simply felt that visiting a Verizon store would help him confirm all his research and all his intentions.

My wife, you see, has climbed it Samsung galaxy s7 So far I have been associated with the idea that humanity needs citizenship to survive.

Recently, however, he realized that his S7 would require dignified burial. He did his research.

Her intestines and sense of frugality told her that it might be time to switch to Apple.

Well, his intestines were a touch upset at the thought. The apple, for him, represents the work of the devil. But then she saw the iPhone SE 2020 and realized that it could be for her. Until, he went for a Galaxy S10e.

I admit that I slipped the idea of ​​SE into his consciousness. But she did her research online, declined phone after phone on the Verizon website, and concluded that she still had to watch her chosen ones live in the Verizon store.

He took an appointment and I put on my mask so that no one in Verizon could see my facial expressions.

Do you want an iPhone SE? Well, Ta-da!

We were greeted by a guardian outside, who explained that we had arrived four minutes earlier. They value efficiency – and security – at this Verizon store.

Once visiting the sanctum sanctorum, we met a few years and a Polish salesman. To prepare for us, he wore his gloves like a proctologist. Or vet.

It wasn’t going to hurt at all.

“I need to upgrade my Galaxy S7 and I’m interested in the new little iPhone,” my wife began.

The salesmen’s expression did nothing but be helpful. He happily went to the Apple part of the shop and showed him the phone. Even he was allowed to take it.

She was happy with her size, but still worried about the big switch from Samsung to Apple.

“Some things will be new, but not many,” said the salesman. “If you move from iPhone to Samsung, it’s not much different. Samsung has sued Apple several times for copying Apple that it won’t be too difficult to go from your S7 to this SE. If you’ve got Google Phone Over . [he pointed], Now it is pure Android. It will be quite difficult. ”

And then he innocently added: “Many people still don’t do it. Or won’t.”

I could feel my wife stagger a little. Was she doing the right thing? Was it a betrayal of his principles? Will people make elite jokes at his expense?

The salesman remained calm. He said: “It doesn’t matter to me which phone you buy. LG over there, even on the Motorola or those flip phones.”

Oddly, he did not offer to display any of these phones. Instead, he enjoyed peace, as if he knew the next question.

My wife asked: “So what is Android equivalent to this cheap Apple phone?”

Yes, we have Samsung. Expensive man

We were fascinated by Samsung – the literal division in this store.

“When your phone came out,” the salesman began, “it was a premium phone. So the equivalent is this one. Everything is better because the technology is five years new. The screen is better. And it’s 5G.”

Was he talking about the S10e that my wife put on his shortlist? Not at all. He was waxing poetic about the Galaxy S20.

“5G,” said my wife. “what does this mean?”

“Well, right now in this county, it means nothing. But when all the towers have been closed it will mean that everything works fast.”

“But it’s more expensive than the S20SE,” countered my wife. “Is the actual Samsung equal to that SE?”

Salesmen needed to see their iPad.

He replied: “It’s 10E, which means economy, but we don’t have that on display. We have the A51 here. It’s cheaper and it has got something from modern technology, but not as much as the S20.”

My wife picked up the A51. “It’s too big for my hands,” she concluded.

I could see his eyes going back to the forbidden fruit. Have I mentioned why I would write an entire column about my wife, never buying an S20?

“But this S20 is not much bigger than my S7 and it feels good,” my wife now said.

Suddenly, we were not calculating the cost.

“So what does Apple equal to this S20?” He asked.

We returned to the blue corner.

“We don’t have a performance right now, because a lot of people kept touching it,” the seller began.

He pointed to a picture and said: “But it is what it is. 11 Pro.”

We were on the verge now. My wife was not really interested in 11 Pro. She had a head like linda blair the Exorcist. Well, there is the metaphor.

He asked the seller to compare the S20 to the iPhone SE 2020. The salesmen had 20–20 vision on it.

“Well, the S20 reacts really quick,” he said. “This Apple is a response quiiiiickkkkkish.”

It was like watching a redwood fall in slow motion. The salesman had a slight twinkle in his eyes. “Don’t get me wrong,” he said. “They are still faster than your S7.”

“So what’s the difference between the S20 and the small iPhone?” Asked my wife.

The salesman said, “I’ve looked at your account and there is an offer on the S20. It’s $ 200.”

Was definitely

Another question, another calculation, and the price difference was posed as $ 10 per month.

For the next, oh, who knows how many years? It did not matter. My wife was sold. The salesmen played it patiently and my wife changed her mind while just staring at it, facing the S20.

(Later) adds mathematics.

I have written about the irrationality of humans once or twice.

I have also written about the dangers of phone companies – and Microsoft – trying to sell all their goods online.

Seeing my wife – whose general interest in technology is angered when she doesn’t work – being seduced by a shiny, modern phone shows the value of physical experience.

“My phone is not the one that determines my happiness,” my wife said when I asked her if she loved her new phone. (Did I mention that he is a scientist?)

“What I’m using it for more than the other is health stuff,” she explained, arguably. “The S7 probably had health functions as well, but having a new phone makes me want to use more bits of it.”

There are downsides. “Its length I still have a habit, but I like how light and narrow it is.”

Narrowness is what makes it more comfortable, she says.

“So is it 10 rupees more a month in two years?”


“Wait, but it’s only 240 rupees. Your S20 is at least 800 rupees and SE’s only 400. Where did the other 160 go?

“Who cares?”