A reality show wants to send its winning contestant to the ISS

Deadline says that Space Hero is working with Axiom Space, a company working to build its own commercial space station in the future. It has obtained a possible trip to the ISS to ride a Space X crew dragon to a location in 2021, and to carry three space tourists. Axiom confirmed The ledge It was working with Space Hero on making the show.

It’s early days, and of course we shouldn’t expect to see Space hero Unless there is some kind of firm commitment from a broadcaster. And it is worth keeping in perspective that it will be one of the most expensive reality TV series ever. Even a shiny show like Survivor only costs $ 2 million per episode, while Modern Family’s one episode costs ABC’s $ 3.5 million per 25th minute.

A single person in the space is likely to cost between $ 50 million to $ 60 million. According to Bigelow Space, the company that worked with NASA and SpaceX hired private individuals as part of their plan for their journey to the sky. a Cnbc The 2019 report quoted the company as saying that it had already deposited huge deposits to make those trips a reality.

We have been here before, certainly Mars One has failed to fund their ambitious journey to Mars with reality TV money. However the most successful sender-astronaut-to-space reality TV contest was Space cadets, A show created by Britain’s Channel 4. In that show, the production crew pretended to send people into space, all while remaining grounded.

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