A rare, working Apple-1 computer can be yours for $ 1.5 million

The Apple-1 personal computer is on display at Christie's in London, England on 9 October 2012.

On 9 October 2012, an Apple-1 personal computer is on display at Christie’s in London, England.
Photo: Peter McDermid ()Getty Images)

If you ever wanted to do a piece of computer history yourself, now is your chance. What is currently billed as a job Apple-1, A model of the first line of computers launched in 1976 by the company for sale on eBay. It’s not cheap at all though, and will give you a nice $ 1.5 million payment.

The Apple-1 is a highly sought-after rare piece for Apple fans. Even the original story draws you in. According to Cult of Mac, the computers were designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak, and sold wholesale by Steve Jobs. To pay the construction costs, Wozniak sold his HP-65 calculator and Jobs sold his Volkswagen van.

Apple-1 for sale on eBay, which the seller claims is a certificate of authenticity from Apple-1 registry, Is special because it is one of 50 sold to Byte Shop, one of the first personal computer stores. The product list states that the Apple-1 is in its original Byte Shop KOA wood case and includes its original power supply and the Datanetics version D keyboard.

The seller, who goes by Kritami, states that the Apple-1 is an unmodified NTI board in roughly perfect condition. The bundle also includes a period Sony TV-1115 and a video modulator. (Cult per Mac, users had to add and monitor their own keyboards or use TV sets for later).

Now, let’s talk about the specs of this technical dinosaur. It had an 8-bit MOS 6502 microprocessor running at 1 MHz. In terms of memory, this included 4KB by default, but could be increased to 8KB or 48KB using expansion cards. Only 200 Apple-1 computers, plus some Pre-production board, Were made. Their starting price was $ 666.66.

Deciding later, these devices fetch a much higher price. In 2010, the Apple-1 computer in its original packaging contained a letter signed by Jobs Sold for $ 210,000. Meanwhile, in 2014, an Apple-1 computer was sold for auction. $ 905,000, Which is a known high price any old Apple computer has paid to date, although this seller clearly wants to break that record.

According to Cult of Mac, small amounts of Apple-1 exist today, partly due to age. Apple lets buyers trade in their Apple-1s for the Apple II, becoming the company’s first mass market Computer.

This is not the first time Kriti has tried to sell her Apple-1. He tried to sell it $ 1.75 million in 2019, But probably found no takers because it took the price down a notch. Does an Apple-1 cost $ 1.5 million? We can find out soon.


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