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A quick solution to the dengue scandal

W HY worry about the multimillion-dollar anti-dengue scandal that now spreads faster than the speed of light in the press and cyberspace when there is a quick and simple solution?

Dengvaxia, the heart of the problem that is now causing so much stress, is a preventative drug, according to French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur, Asia-Pacific chief Thomas Triomphe.

In fact, Triomphe issued an official statement at the joint congressional hearing, therefore: "The fact that other nations around the world will not take Dengvaxia off the shelf would show that Sanofi Pasteur is telling the truth that the The vaccine is safe. "

" Your honors, it is an inescapable truth that, in the Philippines, dengue is not just a risk, it's a reality, it's not isolated or just here and there, it's endemic, it's everywhere. , The Philippines will benefit more from Dengvaxia, "Triomphe told lawmakers.

Previously, Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III accused Sanofi of "mental dishonesty" for allegedly not revealing all the risks behind the Dengvaxia dengue vaccine.

"I could have been frank from the start," Duque told representatives of Sanofi Pasteur led by Thriomphe at the joint hearing of the Blue Ribbon and Health and Demography committees.

"My index of suspicion is so high," Duque said, stressing that Sanofi did not reveal enough details about Dengvaxia.

"I'm pregnant with doubts, we're talking about the lives of the people here, we're talking about children," Duque said.

At Thursday's joint hearing, former President Benigno S. Aquino III said his decision to approve the purchase of the controversial P3.5 billion vaccine in December 2015 was based on the experts' initial advice.

"It was my belief at that time, all the experts we had consulted, it was safe," Aquino said at a briefing after attending the Senate investigation.

Sen. Richard J. Gordon, chairman of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, questioned the unusual speed with which the vaccination program was funded, less than 30 days and after Aquino met with Sanofi Pasteur officials in Paris on December 1. 2015.

Gordon He said immediately after the Paris meeting, the Philippine Children Medical Center received a Special Release Order, and the fund was then awarded by Malacanang.

More than 830,000 schoolchildren and others were injected with the drug, including 15,000 police officers, who also received the injection.

In my previous column, I reported that the Senate was simply entrusted, by way of legislation, to investigate the wrongdoing of government officials and adjunct agencies, including government-controlled corporations, and to suggest new laws and propose amendments to existing laws.

The main task of determining the criminal and civil responsibilities is with the executive and judicial branches of the state, as well as the constitutional commissions: Ombudsman, Audit Commission, Civil Service Commission and Human Rights Commission.

Interestingly, the four constitutional bodies mandated by the Constitution to strictly observe and enforce the Code of Ethics for Public and Employee Officials. (Law of the Republic 6713), which was approved on February 20, 1989 by the ex-president Corazon C. Aquino, has not even created a moan of concern for the protection of the victims.

So let me, therefore, offer this quick solution to at least lessen the tension and dispel some doubts about the safety of the drug, which is now the main problem that worries the earth that can turn its psychological effect into victims of physical violence, considering the number of affected children, parents, relatives, friends and supporters that can multiply rapidly into millions and form a formidable united front of angry people:

1. Inject vaccine with those who defend their safety starting with the representatives of Sanofi Pasteur, former president Benigno S. Aquino III, former finance secretary César V. Purísima, former budget secretary Florencio B. Abad, the former secretary of Health Janette Garin and others. [19659010] 2. Include also the senators, congressmen and lawyers who defend them, as well as trolls and public relations men who obfuscate and manipulate matters in the press and social networks.

3. Have the four constitutional bodies closely monitor the injection process of the vaccine.

The best place for this is in the Senate session room with full live coverage.

This will automatically dispel any doubt that Dengvaxia is risky and its purchase is illegal.

It will also stop the usual practice of finger pointing and scapegoating among government officials involved in the controversy.

Simple and feasible, right?

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