A QAnon supporter crashed into the army reserve base after threatening to unleash a ‘crazy and stupid’ scheme

An AR-15 owner QAnon acolyte caught with armor-piercing bullets drove from Wisconsin to Washington, DC on March 3 and told US Capitol police officers that “maybe he was going to do something crazy and stupid tomorrow “- The day followers of the discredited conspiracy theory falsely believed that former President Donald Trump would regain the presidency, according to a criminal complaint revealed March 19 in federal court.

Ian Alan Olson, who made the 800-mile trip in a 2016 Subaru adorned with QAnon slogans, told a soldier on duty outside the Capitol that he was going to “test the National Guard tomorrow to see if they were loyal to the people or to the president “, who was” willing to die to fulfill this mission “and that his” actions would unite eight billion people, “says the complaint.

If he ended up getting shot by the National Guard, Olson said, he would know the Guard was loyal to President Joe Biden. If the National Guard did not shoot him, Olson claimed that then he would know that the Guard was loyal to the public. He explained that it would be “taken by the Spirit of Christ and would lead people to unity,” the complaint says, and that “things can only be solved with the barrel of a gun.”

Central to QAnon’s conspiracy theory is the false belief that the world is run by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles and child traffickers (allegedly largely made up of prominent Democratic politicians, so-called government employees). from the ‘Deep State’, journalists and Hollywood Elite) and that President Trump is secretly working with Q and others to end the clique, ”reads an affidavit attached to the complaint and signed by FBI Special Agent Justin Mosiman of the Milwaukee Field Office Joint Counter-Terrorism Task Force. “Many followers of QAnon (known as ‘Anons’) refer to themselves as ‘digital soldiers’ and believe that they are immersed in an epic battle between good and evil and darkness and light. After the November 3, 2020 election, many prominent QAnon supporters exhorted the ‘Anons’ to ‘trust the plan’, believing that President-elect Biden’s victory was illusory and part of a complicated plan of [an anonymous government official named] Q and others to reveal the crimes of the clique to the world, resulting in President Trump getting a second term. “


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