A postcard arrived in Michigan nearly 100 years after it went in the mail

Brittany Keech told CNN that she had not given the card much thought at first because she was busy with her children and her daily hustle.

“I thought it was so weird that I was getting a postcard because nowadays nobody sends postcards,” Keach said. “I went ‘Okay, this is different.”

He later noticed that the card was postmarked on October 29, 1920. This was his Belding, Michigan, address, but the faintly cursive writing had someone named Roy McQueen.

“Dear cousin,

Hope you all like it. We are quite good but mother has ugly lame. It is extremely cold here. I have just finished my history lesson and I am going to sleep very soon. My father is shaving and my mother is telling me your address. I have to be closed for one night. Hope grandma and grandpa are good. Don’t forget to write to us – Roy has got his pants fixed yet. ”

It was signed by Flossie Burgess.

The card has a Halloween theme that includes a woman with a broom, a bat, a goose and a cat with an owl and a cat holding a Jack-O’-Lantern in a witch hat.

The postcard arrived in time for Halloween.

George Washington has a one-cent stamp on its back and calls the smashing postmark Jamestown, but the state appears to be covered with some kind of sticker.

Keach, 30, said she had no idea what delayed the mailed card decades before her birth.

A spokesperson for the Postal Service told CNN-affiliated WXMI that “In most cases these incidents do not include the mail that was lost in our network and found later. What we usually find are old letters and postcards.” – Sometimes bought at flea markets, etc. ” Antique shops – and even online – are re-entering our system. The end result is what we do best – as long as there is a listenable address and postage, the card or letter is delivered. “
In hopes of finding relatives of McQueen or Burgess, or there may be someone who knows the families.

“I have two amazing goddesses who are helping me see their lineage,” she said.

Many people have posted old documents in the comments section that may help solve the mystery.

Keach wants to return the card to a family member and said that they got a lead on a potential relative.


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