A Porsche Panamera with farce exists for the only reason to impress you

In fact, slabs are so popular that more car owners begin to get itchy to get into the game. Typically, cars used to make slabs are inexpensive, older American models, embellished in candy paint, equipped with the best and loudest audio systems, and proudly display wire wheels aka swagas. The slab is considered a reference to Slow, Low and Bangin ‘or Slow, Loud and Bangin’, and for the car to be a slab, all of the above criteria must be met. That is to say, it is not a slab if it is only Swangas, just as it is not a slab if it is only loud or only slow.

According to this definition, this first-generation Porsche Panamera has not formed a slab in association with the Swangas. Instead, it is a prominent eyeglass and laughing stock of the Internet, after a short video featuring it went viral on Reddit. See it in all its glory below.

Porsche, even the fake Panamera, is sometimes seen as a symbol of elegance, speed and accuracy. A slab is anything, but it is so by design. There is no point in putting the two together, so why would anyone do this for the purpose which is shocking even for those who do not think that the farce should be made illegal because they are too dangerous on public roads.

The sight of this wannabe-slab Panamera has prompted heated responses, from the call of “Burn it with fire!” Regarding the more objectionable statements about the owner’s IQ, and joking how it is Porsche’s socio-distinction.

At the end of the day, of course, a car has to do with the owner’s choice. But isn’t it a shame when someone tries to make it into something that ruins it, because they clearly have no understanding of what it should be?

Much brighter than R / Shitty_Car_Mods