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A.P. of NBC Bio canceled after 2 seasons


NBC has canceled the comedy series A. P. Bio. The show is approaching the end of its second season, with four episodes to air. The future of the program was in the air for a while, particularly one of several programs whose fate was not decided before the initial presentation of NBC to advertisers two weeks ago, and this now confirms the fate of the program.

The creation of Saturday night live the writer and performer Mike O & # 39; Brien, A. P. Bio Follow philosophy professor Jack Griffin as he is forced to return to his hometown and teach biology in high school. Instead of doing the job for which he was hired, he uses the intellect and talent of his students to psychologically dismantle his professional rival and steal his job as head of philosophy at Stanford University.

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The news that A. P. Bio It has been canceled, it was revealed for the first time on Twitter or in the creator of the series. O & # 39; Brien. He expressed his sadness for the development and his desire that anyone who has not seen the program see it online. It was quick and extensive, showing how much will be lost among those who saw it.

A. P. Bio received a mixed reception from critics, and most of them agreed that the show had great potential due to its promising central premise and the strength of its cast, but also that its comedy style was a little too aggressive and petty. eager to find much more than a niche audience, despite the fact that series star Glenn Howerton made a name in the same way as the sociologist Dennis Reynolds of It's always sunny in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, fans were deeply interested in the varied variety of characters in the show, many of whom were personal favorites among viewers who saw parts of themselves.

Everyone has different things that they enjoy in entertainment, and comedy, in particular, has always been and will remain completely subjective to the viewer, which means that each show continues to exist at the whim of its audience. It was a commendable attempt by A. P. Bio Try to undermine the comedy by the absurdity of its situation rather than the dialogue, designed to be fun, with the show being particularly notable for its absence of laughter, but the problem seemed to be the real humor it presented. to everyone's taste. However, the reliability of the quality of the program is reflected in the fact that, after the first two episodes, when people decided whether they would take it or not, the audience only fluctuates slightly, indicating a regular audience and a loyal public. , although something small, fanbase. There is always the possibility that a large enough number can return the program, but now the number of people who actually see A. P. Bio It was a little too small to allow it to continue.

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