A NYC wedding was held by police with about 300 guests

As the number of New York City’s COVID cases slowly increases in some neighborhoods, police raided an indoor wedding in Woodside, Queens, where about 300 guests were present.

The new york Daily News The report said that, soon after receiving an anonymous tip, police closed the event on Friday at the Royal Elite Palace caterers, where officials say guests were drinking alcohol without following social-disturbing protocols Were or were wearing face masks. The sheriff’s office tweeted that it had closed an “illegal mob” of 284 people who were reportedly sent home.

Both the manager of the venue and its owner have received multiple tickets for violating emergency orders and are facing possible fines. A Woodside resident named Gennaro Barros told Daily News The venue has been hosting indoor events throughout the summer. “There’s always a party going on there and they’re always coming from the back door,” Barrows said. “They have been partying since May.”

Hours before the wedding stir, health officials warned that increasing COVID cases in some parts of the city could result in socially strict restrictions. Health Commissioner Dave Chokshi said at a press conference on Friday, “This may be the most uncertain moment we’ve been facing since we emerged from the lockdown … We will move as fast as the situation warrants. If If this growth continues, it will broadly turn into a possible broadcast for the city. ”

On Sunday, city health officials said they were particularly concerned about case spikes in eight neighborhoods reporting cases at 3.7 times the city average, but Woodside is not among them. On Monday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said the state’s ten zip codes had increased the rate of infection by 15 percent, and represented 25 percent of the state’s new cases cumulatively. Wall Street Journal Reports that areas with the highest transition are “typically home to large communities of ultra-Orthodox Jewish families.” Many areas that surround these hot-spot areas are also seeing more positive COVID tests.

Weddings, especially those that occur indoors, have the ability to spread the virus well which are involved in the event. In summer, a partially indoor wedding in Maine, with a relatively low rate of infection, caused an outbreak of the virus that was linked to the deaths of seven people, none of whom attended the ceremony.

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