A North Dakota man who died from Kovid-19 won a seat in the state legislature

Voters enter an early polling place within the Bismarck Event Center as the outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues in Bismarck, North Dakota, October 26, 2020.

Bing Guan | Reuters

A North Dakota Republican, who died Kovid-19 last month, has won a seat in the state legislature, according to unofficial results posted by the secretary of state’s office.

David Andahl was one of two Republicans elected to represent the state’s eighth district in the North Dakota House of Representatives, earning more than three times the votes of the nearest Democratic candidate. Dave Nehring won the second seat.

The Associated Press reported in October that Andahl died of complications of coronovirus. He was 55.

“His mother, Pat Andahl, said,” He had a lot of feelings for the county and wanted to make things better, and his heart was in farming. He wanted better things for the farmers and the coal industry. Time.

North Dakota Kovid-19 cases are increasing rapidly.

Johns Hopkins University

State officials told the newspaper that it was unclear what would happen if Aurahal won the election.

Legislative Council director John Björnsson told the newspaper, “What we have found is the most legal right. The general rule is that the next person does not rise above (in the November election results).” He said it was “all new. We have not faced it, that we are aware.”

Secretary of State for North Dakota Al Jager said in an email Wednesday that the states would follow an opinion issued by the Attorney General last month.

That opinion indicated that Andale could be legally elected but his death creates a vacancy, which should be filled through an appointment from the state’s Republicans.

According to local health officials, coronovirus is rapidly spreading in North Dakota, where test positivity rates have exceeded 12%. Nearly 50,000 people have tested positive in the state of 750,000 and 555 have died.

According to the unofficial tally, Nehring won 6,763 votes, or about 40% of those cast, and Andahl won 5,901, or about 36%. Voters can choose two candidates. Democrats Catherine Volochenko and Linda Babb won nearly 12% and less than 10% of the votes, 2,000 each. – Tucker Higgins


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