A North Carolina man taken into police custody was alone and crying for help before falling

Police said Easter, 41, was used with a significant amount of cocaine, as he was pulled over by police on Jan. 23 in Charlotte, North Carolina on charges of drug and traffic, but was not immediately given medical attention. .

On Thursday, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department released 17 video clips, including body camera and surveillance footage, from police instincts that provide new details about Easter’s arrest, as well as moments before and after falling into the police station. Also tells.

“You think I want to die?” Easter is heard on the video as he grabs the edge of a table, shaking.

Surveillance videos show Easter was inside an interview room for about 45 minutes following his arrest. During that time, Easter was left alone several times. At some point, a person walks inside the room and gives him a cup of water just minutes after Easter is shouted.

But about 20 minutes later no one went into the room to check on him as he was seizing while leaning on a table or falling on the floor, the video shows.

Alex Herroy, a lawyer representing Easter’s family, told CNN that it was very difficult for his mother and family to watch the police-released videos.

“He cried the whole time for his son,” Heroy said.

Herroy said that Easter was a devoted father to four children who missed deeply.

“He’s incredible … He used to take his children to daycare and preschool and school every day, often to be with them and help in school,” Haroy said. “Family meant everything.”

CNN has reached out to officials and the police union for comment.

Five officers resign

CMPD chief Johnny Jennings said that on Thursday, officers violated the department’s policies, at which time the required officers inspect suspects in custody within 15 minutes.

The CMPD said in a statement last month that the directive was amended in February to place officers for “constant observation” of detainees.

Jennings said he believed authorities knew Easter had found cocaine and should have taken the drug immediately, he said.

Jennings said on Thursday, “I don’t think these officers had malicious intent. But they made a bad decision and did not follow the policy.” “So those bad decisions have consequences. Especially when those decisions have lost a life, a life that we had a responsibility to protect.”

Jennings said the five police officers involved in the incident recently resigned after completing an internal investigation.

During a press conference on Thursday, Jennings said officials resigned.

Mecklenburg County District Attorney Spencer Merriweather has said that officers will not face criminal charges.

Merriweather wrote in a September letter to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation that “Mr. Easter could not prove that after voluntarily consuming large amounts of crack cocaine, he could survive.”

“In fact, no medical expert consulting the evidence in this case would be able to testify to a degree of medical certainty that Mr. Easter lived after receiving that amount of cocaine, even if the authorities May have called for therapy. At the time of the initial traffic stop, “the release said.

Officers worked for the CMPD between two years and 12 years.

CNN has reached out to officials and the police union for comment.

What led to his arrest?

After Easter was pulled over on January 23, police say officers saw a drug deal. Police say he was in possession of cocaine and marijuana. The police department said in a statement that he was detained on charges of drugs and traffic.

Body camera footage shows an officer stopping his car in the back of an SUV and exiting with his gun.

The officer said, “Don’t eat it! He’s eating,” The officers reach inside the window of the SUV and pull out the red hoodie of the driver. “Hands up.”

As Easter exits the SUV, he is handcuffed and taken from the second office while the first officer searches for the car. The officer finds a plastic bag inside the vehicle and tells another officer that the bag contained drugs, the video shows.

Later in the video, Easter is heard repeatedly telling an officer – who is now driving a police car – that he needs to urinate. As they walk into the police station, Easter says, “Kuz I’ve swallowed something, that won’t let me water.”

The North Carolina Chief Medical Examiner concluded that Easter’s death was accidental and that the instrument of death was “suspected of a toxic agent.”

A toxicology report for Easter showed cocaine, opioids, levamisole and lidocaine in his body at the time of death.

CNN’s Gisela Crespo and Giovanna Van Leeuwen contributed to this report.


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