A news anchor responded live to a viewer who called it The N-Word

The email, which Reed also shared on social media, read:

you must be fired for the racial harassment comment you made tonight
is o.k. for blacks to discuss certain issues, but not whites, really? You are what I call a Niger, not a Black person. You are a racist Niger. you are what is wrong in the world

The woman who sent the email did not immediately respond to a request for comments from BuzzFeed News.

The presenter said that the email "erroneously characterized" his views on race, and that "quite the contrary, we believe that race is an authentic discussion"

"I think that when discussing with someone, you have to have Be careful not to mischaracterize your point of view, "Reed said. "So I'm not going to mischaracterize your point of view, Kathy Rae, I understand.

" On December 5, 2017, you think it's okay to call this journalist black. Not me, but I could clap and say some things. But, instead, I'll let your words, Kathy Rae, speak for themselves "

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