A new network of charging stations will make the ‘Great American Road Trip’ possible in an EV

Driving an electric vehicle is a lot of fun. They drive very smoothly because when you accelerate the car you don’t have to go through the jerky motion of changing gears. Plus, they also save you a lot of money on gas and are great for the environment.

The only problem is the dreaded rank anxiety. While the pricier electric car lines can take you around 250 miles per charge, the more affordable models still stay in the 150-mile range.

That makes road trips difficult because you have to search for a fast charger every few hours; then wait for the car to start for about 45 minutes before continuing the next few hundred miles. That is, of course, if you can find a fast charger.

So for now, that means taking the family on a Clark Griswald-style trip across the country is still a bit out of reach for most EV drivers.

However, a coalition of six major utilities has just announced that it wants to make the Great American Road Trip possible for electric vehicle drivers. The Electric Roads Coalition aims to create a seamless network of charging stations connecting major highway systems from the Atlantic Coast, through the Midwest and South, and into the Gulf and Central Plains regions.

“The Edison Electrical Institute estimates that 18 million electric vehicles will be on America’s roads by 2030,” it said in a press release. “While many drivers recognize the benefits of driving an electric vehicle, such as the ease of low-cost home charging, some are concerned about the availability of charging stations during long road trips.

“Over the centuries, travelers have had to figure out how to get from point A to B. From feeding and watering the horses to filling the gas tanks and now recharging the batteries, it is critical to make sure there are places convenient to perform these tasks, “Nick Akins, president, president and CEO of AEP, said in a statement. “With this effort, we are working to help drivers see that (electric vehicles) fit their lifestyle and travel plans, wherever the road may take them.”

Although the group has not released an official map, it plans to create charging stations along major highway routes with easy access and convenience for travelers while they wait for a charge. The group plans to provide DC chargers that can have drivers at full power in just 20 to 30 minutes.

So after a few hundred miles on the road, you can take the family to a place reminiscent of a roadside rest stop where you can lug around while you grab a bite to eat, use the bathroom, and stretch your legs a bit.

“With this effort, we are working to help drivers see that electric vehicles fit their lifestyle and travel plans, wherever the road takes them,” said Nicholas Akins, president, president and CEO of AEP in a press release.

The new initiative also allows people to save a lot on vacation costs. Gasoline can be expensive when traveling across large parts of the country. Charging an electric vehicle is much cheaper, while some stations are free, the ones that cost money can recharge a car with a 150-mile range for around $ 7.

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