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Here we are in the future, and things are not yet bright enough for Michael Burnham.
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When the crew of the USS Search In the 23rd century, in the 32nd he chose himself to sacrifice his livelihood from the catapult, he did so as promised Hope itself: Hopefully, that will be the first place for them in the future. but As Search Return For season three, it reminds us how much weight a person can bear.


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“That Hope Is You, Part 1” Star Trek: DiscoveryOwn third bold relaunch. Early start Demanded to give us a look at the darkness Star trek, Where Starfet’s optimistic ideology was increasingly asked to rethink itself in wartime. Its second The season tried to fight back on that front, rejuvenating itself with a sense of fun and adventure, keeping that war alive with its ideals (mostly), our heroes could see the stars once again.

Its third premiere is similarly steeped in the ideals that reside in Starfet, who serve and what they mean. But it takes a different spin, putting its pressure not only on the organization, but on the people making it-BEconodge in the year 3188, which creates Michael Burnham Shiny crash landing In, Starfleet either he or we knew that it no longer exists. With him Search Absent for this episode itself, she is the only hope that it represents the future it desperately needs.

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As Michael arrived in the 32nd century, he successfully transcended his adrenaline-jealous pleasure and despair in time and space, rightly breaking the realization that he and everyone he knew and loved – he The thing that sustains him. Sense of hope She learns of the collapse of the Federation and Starfleet in the face of an incident called “The Burn,” Omega molecule hypothesis-The disaster where, suddenly, lithium lithium which enables warp travel in the core of the wires becomes violently unstable. It wreaked havoc that not only killed billions but cut off innumerable parts of the federation. She should have hope in herself and Starfelt believes she still exists, as she struggles to hide that she is with the people who confront her while she is on the Starbet Division badge and An emergency survival kit is far from his crash landing. She also hopes in her absent friends, as she tries her best to find out why she has come in the future, but they have not.

These expectations sustain Michael, but they also show what happens when the burden of hope is put on the shoulders of the same person. Over time her trouble to challenge him again increases as she accompanies this new normal disposition, but it is strikingly unlike the anchor she increasingly finds herself in: Cleveland “Book “Booker, David Azala’s new Cat love character That michael Literally he departs from the wormhole in 3188. In this post barn civilization, a courier, acting as both merchant and messenger, wanders from book pocket to society’s pocket, exchanges rare goods and supplies stationary. Heart lithium that can power its next journey into the stars.


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The first encounter of the book Hum and Michael is very typical “trust no one, not even yourself” the kind of figure we might expect in a post-disaster scenario. He does not Want to After helping Michael once again he is hit, the ship crashes because he has got things to do and places to be. We are presenting him as a mid-chase, he is running away from a fellow courier whose package he finds stolen — because it is the dog world of dog food. Even as Michael slowly encourages him to open up for himself, promising to help him deliver his cargo if it will help him find a way to approach it. Search– He lifts her up to look at her and pushes her away because he can only take care of her priorities. Because, as we also see, the book knows the danger of having hope in your heart as Michael does, despite everything he is doing.

During “That Hope You, Part 1,” Anytime we see that Start To represent Michael, who was an avatar of the Federation, he pushes it aside, almost telling him and us alike “Oh no, you will No Get me invested “Ultimately, she is broken, not just because the hope she represents is too intoxicating, but because she can see that if she does not share her burden with anyone, then anyone, it He has to adapt to differentiate him in this world. It is only after this happens that we discover that Mask Book Projects turns out to be a far-reaching, uncontrolled drifter – his real goal as a courier. The yacht endangered protected species. He could not share that idealism with Michael with us, at first, without the belief that his own hopes and ideals were not forthcoming.


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Buch and Michael share a shared journey to allow someone else in their burden that is propuls SearchIt promises premiere above all – a powerful reminder that, while hope itself is a powerful thing, its real power lies in carrying on trials and tribulations rather than sharing it with others that bring it completely on itself is. It is only after sharing the weight of their different responsibilities that they manage to move forward; After a solitary, awaited employee of the Federation puts his trust in each other, instead of equating the staff of an outpost, Book and Michael are still working.

Like him, Aditya Sahil (played by Adil Hussain) prepared himself every day, sitting at his desk, waiting for the Federation official to arrive. Sahil has a permanent belief that there are others like him in similar stations – good citizens hoping that what is left of the Federation is still out there, waiting for a reunion with its shattered parts – it Is a powerful thing, which also learns Michael because he learns there is no trace of it Search In the 32nd century. It is an expectation that she chooses to emulate, invites him to join her and books her as an official communications officer who can keep tracking in the hope that one day, Search Will arrive.


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In season three, and capable of isolating fraternal shackles, it was regularly relegated to its position as the predecessor of the original series, Star Trek: Discovery Actually found himself in “That’s Hope You, Part 1”. Its ideals are still, and still are, completely journey—Then cast a light in the darkness of time — but it is establishing a timely and beautiful appendix to those ideals: they should be shared not collectively, but on a singular person or an idea. The greatest power of hope is when it is given and burdened among the people, and now that Michael Burnham has found new friends to carry With her hope for the future, she is ready to find and mold herself in this strange new world.

All we need now Search And to join his crew.

Mixed mousing

  • In Star Trek: Sailor“Omega Instruction” Unstable omega molecule irrelevantly damaged subspace, rendering warp travel impossible. Here, Burn’s unstable heart lithium turns it into a very scarce and unreliable resource – while destroying a lot of fleets in the process, making the ships themselves scarce. While Bern is probably not quite as destructive as an omega molecule, the idea of ​​one Star trek The landscape where most of the cohesive galaxy as we know it is divided from one another and unable to make contact is an attractive one. It will be interesting to see how Search Mines, in particular, possibly, there is a way to obtain stable or perhaps more lithium that can resolve the splits of the shattered Federation in a way Will not done Being in an omega position.
  • I am very interested to see if we learn more about Book’s strange, almost arduous connection to natural life with the light shining under his skin. organic growth? Technical implants? Genetic enhancement?
  • Likewise, this episode has some very cool technical leaps that still feel it journey, But also like advancement of time and technical repetition. The UI on the Book’s video screen is very quiet, as is the strange haptic interface of its console – and then there’s the new, seemingly universal phaser design used by security at the trading outpost, a one-size-fits-all species Blaster.
  • Probably the best idea though? Immediate transport! It is such a small thing-journeyThe concept was to see people smile forever. But the idea of ​​personal, instant transporter technology suddenly blows many earlier assumptions about it from the water. It is being used in this episode, which is basically a very fancy chase sequence, both incredibly red and still scratching the surface of what we might expect out of it.
  • Sure, SearchNot here yet, but aren’t we glad that the ship still has an alternate mode of FTL travel, not dependent on warp in this future where warp travel is very difficult? It’s almost as if they had Planned to.
  • Much love to our queen, pouring pimple to the cat, who will not embarrass the body.

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