A nearby fire indicates brief security fears at the Capitol

Washington – A fire under a highway in several blocks of the Capitol led to the opening of a complex lock and rehearsal evacuation on Wednesday, a reflection of the growing state of alert in the nation’s capital.

Capitol Police warned residents inside the Capitol due to an “outside security threat” and stopped to move in and out of the building. A rehearsal on the west front of the capitol was evacuated, with members of the media asked to return to nearby trailers.

Capitol police said a fire broke out in several blocks under a highway south of the Capitol.

“In an abundance of caution following an outside security threat under the bridge over First and F Streets, SE, Acting Chief Petman, Acting Chief Pitman ordered closure of the Capitol Complex. Any fire currently on or within the Capitol Campus Has not started. ” Capitol Police said. “The incident is being investigated, while members and staff have been advised to take refuge in the place.”

The US Secret Service said the fire was extinguished and “there was no danger to the public.”

It is feared that thousands of soldiers are in Washington before the presidential election, closing the streets around the Capitol for the presidential election.


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